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JUST 3 Minutes to Firm & Tighten Skin!?

How long does it take for skin to look and feel firm once again?

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The answer is 3 Minutes!

Only 3 minutes for firming and tightening your skin?

Rose Sesame Firming Mask

Rose Sesame Firming Masque

Yes, with our new-in-store formulation, all you need is 3 minutes to firm, tighten and tone the appearance of saggy, aging skin!

Keeping the pivotal Ayurvedic philosophy of ‘Balance’ in mind, The Ayurveda Experience presents something that has a ‘Complete Balanced-Firming Action’ with scientifically researched Ayurvedic ingredients that have natural firming and hydrating properties to help achieve the coveted equilibrium your skin has always wanted. 

These are what make up the unique 3-minute firming formula:

The firming finesse of the ‘Queen of Flowers’, the moisturizing magic of the ‘Wonder Oil’, the calming charisma of the ‘Ayurvedic Soother’ and the purifying power of the ‘Soft Clay’ come together to form a Saturday night-firming formula that –

  • Hydrates with something that is known to be even more powerful than Hyaluronic Acid  
  • Tightens up your skin with naturally occurring Vitamin E  
  • Locks in the moisture with Ayurveda’s emollient of choice, and 
  • Brightens up with the ‘Queen of Flowers’ present not in 1, but 2 forms in this unique formulation. 
Rose Sesame Firming Masque

A 3-minute Once-a-week Ritual powered with Skin Firming Action!

💟Instantly gives saggy, aging skin a firmed, youthful appearance with the naturally firming and toning properties of carefully selected ingredients
💟Brightness boosting re-charge for skin that struggles with complexion- dulling toxic build-up
💟Weekly re-charge to instantly brighten up a dull and tired complexion
💟A 3-minute cooling, comfortable remedy for easily reactive, troubled or delicate skin types prone to flare-ups, and susceptible to sun damage
💟Kaolin clay gently extracts impurities from the pores and takes care of an excessively oily and shiny T-zone
💟Soothes and calms of sensitivity, irritation and redness
💟Smooth, creamy, textured face masque that goes easily on the skin and does not flake off or crumble while drying
💟Leaves the skin comfortable and not overly dry. Makes for a relaxing, sumptuous treat for the senses, thanks to the subtle aroma of real roses

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