Just For Colors Cotton Leggings

I confess that when I was younger, I wore uncomfortable clothing just for the sake of fashion. Today, I choose clothing that moves and flows with my activities, and leggings are a big part of my wardrobe. But, I discovered not all leggings are created and designed equal, and one size definitely does not fit all. If you can relate, then I’m thrilled to introduce Just For Colors Cotton Leggings; they’ve created comfortable leggings for women of all shapes and lifestyles.


Most leggings are designed for what’s deemed the average person. The label says they will fit you, but curvaceous you struggles to squeeze yourself into them. They’re too tight, don’t sit well on your body, and don’t conform to your body. This has been my experience with low riders; they slide down so you’re constantly pulling them up. Well, this won’t happen with Just For Colors leggings; they’re comfortable, cotton-soft, stylish, and designed to fit all shapely bodies.

I got to try a pair of their leggings out and I’m so impressed with how well they fit and felt while wearing them. Their texture and comfort level outrank the other brands I wear which are flimsy and almost see-through and poorly sewn. The Just For Color leggings are made from a thicker, high-quality cotton that’s breathable and offers a four-way stretch. The flexibility and freedom of movement, whether bending, sitting, walking, or running is wonderful. These leggings have impeccably double stitching sewn around the whole garment.

I love that they fit securely around your waist; there’s no falling or curling down, riding up, or bunching behind the knees. Plus, they’re figure-flattering regardless of your size, making them the perfect fit for every woman. Just For Colors cotton leggings are available in a variety of bright solid colors and patterns. They come in ankle and Capri-lengths and some prints are available up to size XXL.


Just For Colors cotton leggings can be thrown in the washing machine over and over again and they won’t bleed or shrink after the first or the hundredth wash and can be thrown into the dryer. I love my Just For Colors leggings, they’re so versatile. They look awesome in the gym, with a long top, under a dress, or create your own look.

Disclaimer: I received compensation and product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.