Karmin Salon Pro Professional Ionic Hair Dryer Review

I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t care about her flowing locks. They are adamant about using the right hair products to shampoo and conditioner their hair, but their hair tools are the bottom end and they’re replacing them every 6 – 12 months. I think we all know that not all hair tools are the same, one size does not fit most and they are as diverse as our hair is.

I confess that I have purchased and used low-priced hair dryers you can get at your local big box department store. The result is that they are very noisy, have very low watts and do not last even a year. Is there a difference in using better quality and more expensive hair tools? There is indeed.

Karmin Salon Pro Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

Karmin is the maker of quality salon professional hair tools. They have invested extensive time and research into the needs and desires we demand in hair products and have created tools that reflect these hankerings and stipulations. The result; high caliber hair tools.

One of their fabulous products is the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

First I would love to comment on its arrival. It comes in a stylish black box/case that secured all the pieces in transit perfectly. Opening the case I was presented with a swanky hairdryer with sleek contours and an edgy design; this little black number is looking uber chic. It comes with three attachments and a host of attributes.

The Karmin hairdryer uses ceramic heating because of its instant heat capability. This means it takes less time to style and dry your hair thus affecting its overall health. Your hair will be less frail, frayed, and frizzy. Other cheaper brands will use plastic or metal heating which tends to burn with high heat. It takes a lot longer to dry your hair and also dries unevenly. They also use ionic technology; is there a difference between positive and negative ions? Yes, positive ions like those in low-end dryers will cause the cuticle of your hair to be dull and kinky. Whereas diffusing negative ions like those in the Karmin, causes the cuticle to trap moisture so your hair looks and feels smooth and silky. It also repels humidity and eliminates static electricity in your hair. These features alone put this black beauty in a class of its own.

Karmin Salon Pro Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

It’s fairly lightweight considering its motor size and the 2000 watts of blowing power it boasts. It has two speeds and three temperature settings, low, medium and max. I found using the lower speed and medium temperature worked the best for me. I was very impressed with how quickly my hair dried, it felt like moments instead of minutes. I would have to say it took less than half the time as my other blow dryer. Who has time to waste in the morning so I really liked this feature? It’s also a lot quieter than all other hair dryers I’ve used. One may assume with its high wattage it would sound like a jet engine but I was really surprised how quiet it is even on the high setting. It’s great Karmin has also considered the noise factor in developing their products. Another bonus is the low EMF’s. We know at high does this can contribute to health issues, but this hair dryer produces lower than average amounts of EMF.

It’s a little smaller than some of the big bulky dryers I’ve used so it’s really easy to get a comfortable grip on and hold for any length of time without fatiguing your arm. It has two narrow nozzle attachments and a diffuser. A diffuser is a useful tool for people who lean towards having dry, frizzy hair. I have naturally wavy hair and I can look like a brillo pad if I’m not careful so the diffuser is a better option for people with any kind of curl in their hair.

It’s attributes and features are the best I’ve seen in a hairdryer. If you’re tired of wasting your money and spending too much time fussing with your hair then I would definitely recommend the Karmin ionic hairdryer. I love it.

Disclaimer: I received a product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.