Keep Your Cat Safe With Cat Flaps

Although the phrase ‘cat flap’ didn’t officially enter the English language until 1957, the concept originates hundreds of years ago and owes its existence to none other than the eminent scientist Sir Isaac Newton. Legend tells how Newton – an avid cat lover – wished to give his feline friends free run of the house and therefore cut a hole in the door to his attic where he carried out many of his experiments.

two cats coming through a pet door

Unique locking system

The purpose of the humble the said accessory has not changed since then, but designs have, becoming more intricate and geared towards your needs. Cat flaps that come with unique locking system are essential for cat owners who want the best for their loving pets, but also want the reassurance that only the cat will be able to access the house and not the neighborhood’s other furry inhabitants.

Push here

In this respect, the said commodity for cats is more than just a come-as-you-please doorway for your favorite pet. The problem facing some homeowners is that, by installing a standard flap which only needs a gentle push to open, they get far more than they bargained for in the way of unexpected guests. And we’re not just talking about the neighbor’s cat either, but legions of local rodents who recognize a good source of food when they smell it.


Stories of rats taking over the neighborhood may sound far-fetched, but the fact is that the said animals are commensal: in other words, they benefit from living close to humans. People need food, as do rats, and what we carelessly throw away, the rodents will be only too happy to consume. Preventing the said rodents from getting inside is essential because they are disease carriers that may endanger one’s health and well-being.

No more unwanted intruders

Finding a rodent in your home – or more worryingly, the evidence of a rodent that you simply cannot locate – is a source of worry and sleepless nights. By installing a cat flap that has an integral locking system, you can sleep comfortably in the knowledge that uninvited guests are not going to be able to wander at will into your property, keeping your home and your loving cat safe in the process.