Kids Autumn Reads

Summer is coming to an end and it can be a challenge to get your kids to bounce back into a scholastic mindset. They’re deep in post-summer blues and the transition from beach to books, from pool to school will not come willingly. Reading will make their academic shift a lot smoother and easier. So, having a selection of fresh new titles available for them to peruse will influence them to crack open a cover and get absorbed in its contents. Here are a few storybooks that will inspire kids to read.

Claris, The Chicest Mouse in Paris


Claris is an enchanting story about a sweet little mouse named Claris. She just moved into a posh new apartment in Paris where a nice couple (Madame) and their daughter (brat) live. Claris is living her dream as a clothing designer and enjoying the experience with her cat friend Monsieur — he knows everything about fashion. One day Madame gets an invite to the coveted Fashion Week and she was extremely excited. This inspired Claris to race back to her atelier and create stunning and glamorous mouse attire. She’s got the couture savvy and the designs just come pouring out.

The day that Madame and her brat daughter were leaving for the Fashion Week event, Claris noticed they forgot their invitation. No invitation, no admittance. Madame would be embarrassed so Claris, along with Monsieur decide to find a way to Fashion Week and get the ticket to her. What an adventure, from flower bike to harrowing Dior scooter ride to a handbag hijack, they made it and slipped the ticket into Madames purse without her knowing. But, there was one more surprise! This storybook is drenched in a Parisienne ambience, the illustrations, the colors, and the darling little characters. Très belle!  It’s a wonderful book for a family library.

No Hugs


No Hugs is about two friends, Alice and Zara. They both affection differently. You see Alice loves to hug, but Zara is totally not into this at all. Alice hugs everything, trees, toys, babies and even herself, so she wants to hug Zara. In fact, she exacerbates Zara by constantly asking if she’d like a hug. Zara has to keep making up excuses why she doesn’t want to be hugged, but then she ponders, I wonder if Alice needs a hug. With this realization, she asks Alice, do you need a hug. Alice gets all huffy and annoyed, which makes Zara annoyed too. But, the come to an agreement and high five each other! The illustrations are vibrant, the story relatable and the characters are charming.

Brave Molly


Brave Molly is a storybook that only has illustrations, no words. The pictures tell it all and share a story about a girl named Molly who is shadowed by Monsters! They’re everywhere she goes and they seem to multiply. You see Molly is shy and runs away from the kids a school, even though she wants friends. You can feel her pain as she wrestles with low self-esteem, self-doubt, social anxiety, and sadness. These internal monsters have kept her from a normal life of fun and friends. But one day, her self-talk changes and she begins to feel more positive about herself. She gets fed up with the negative monsters and fights back.

Brave Molly is a book that would help a lot of children who feel inferior or too timid to be sociable. The illustrations are captivating and the storyline very current relatable.

Get Up, Stand Up


Bob Marley was a famous singer and songwriter from Jamaica. All his songs have an upbeat Reggae influence and only focused on being positive, kind and standing up for what is right. They’re still popular today. One of his popular songs, Get Up, Stand Up has been adapted into a children’s storybook. It features vivid illustrations of kids and the words to the song. It’s a positive book and encourages kids to be nice and kind to all walks of life and animals. One Love! It’s a great storybook, and kids and adults should read it.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.