Kids Back to School Fun Pack

The kids are finally heading back to school in a few short weeks after the wake of COVID 19. Parents and kids are understandably a little apprehensive and nervous, but the kids are really missing the social interaction with their friends. To ensure safety in the schools, the educational system has created new policies and procedures that will be followed this term. But regardless of these precautions, some parents have chosen to homeschool or enroll their kids in virtual classes until this pandemic is obliterated. Whatever path you choose, kids will still need school supplies and accessories. The stores are loaded with supplies, but I found some unique and cute ones on various book sites.

Forest Life Notebook Set

Forest Life Notebook Set

The Forest Life Notebook Set is so enchanting and whimsical. The two notebooks are adorned with bright and colorful forest animal illustrations. Kids and adults are naturally drawn to them. The notebooks measure 5.65 x 8.75 and have 96 lined pages. The edge of the book is gilded with gold and a mushroom motif embellishes the top of each page. They’re the perfect place to pen your ponderings.

Forest Life Eraser Set

Forest Life Eraser Set

The Forest Life Eraser Set comes with 5 adorable and whimsical erasers in a die-cut window box. Each eraser features a forest animal or scene created by artist Nathalie Lété’s. Lovely imagery of birds, flowers, animals, and other forest flora and fauna make this set so attractive. It’s perfect for back to school supplies, an office accessory, and for life’s little mistakes.

Dave the Unicorn – Welcome to Unicorn School

Dave the Unicorn Storybook - back to school read

Dave The Unicorn, Welcome to Unicorn School is a cute story that kids will resonate with. It’s about excited kids going to unicorn school and getting matched up with their very own unicorn friend. Each kid had a unicorn with an impressive appearance and stellar qualities. But Mira, go an unconventional unicorn named Dave. He’s the total opposite of the other unicorns and he’s not worried at all. He loves to eat doughnuts, won’t obey rules and embarrassingly, he farts… a lot.

This enchanted book is divided into ten magical chapters. The very first page features a map of the Unicorn School and the surrounding area. It will remind you of Hogwarts with its Fearsome Forest, Glitter Glades, Great Hall, Teachers Turret, and more. To get to school, kids must use the Magic Portal which is in the parking lot by the rec center… which can only be seen by current Unicorn School students. There is a way kids can see it if they are new students, but it’s a secret only revealed in this book. Each chapter will send readers on a magical quest where the unexpected can happen. It’s a fun storybook and kids will completely enjoy reading it.

Rapping Rhymes about School

Rapping Rhymes about School reader

The Rapping Rhymes About School is a fun and upbeat book. Kids will groove to its rhythm and start making their own raps. The book is divided into 5 chapters and each one focuses on a different subject. It’s designed to look like a scribbler, but filled with bright and cheerful graphics! Vibing! Rapping is the way to learn and also stay cool!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.