Kids Books That Entertain

Getting our kids to read just for the sheer fun of it can be a big stretch, especially if they get bored easily. We don’t want to force them to read either because then it will feel like a punishment. But, when considering books, the subject matter, cover appearance, and even the environment can be factors in whether a book is appealing to children. A good incentive would be to introduce children to books that not only educate them but encourage hands-on activities. Kids love to do things and get their hands busy with projects and DK books has a few titles that fit the mold.

Lego Amazing Vehicle

Lego Amazing Vehicle

The Lego Amazing Vehicles is an interactive book that teaches kids about 100 different modes of transportation. It comes with 61 colorful bricks so kids can build 4 exclusive Lego mini-vehicles. When you open the cover, you’ll be greeted with an enormous amount of images featuring all the different means to travel. Plus, there is a flap that opens up to reveal the Lego pieces.

Each chapter features a different means of transportation, starting with How Vehicles Go – jet engines, rocket engines, hot air, pedal power, electricity and more. Kids will learn about Rescue vehicles, Building Site vehicles, Racetrack vehicles, Underneath the ground equipment, Watercraft, on the Farm, Up in the air, Train, Planes, Spacecrafts and so much more. Filled with vibrant images that show vehicle models (and some Lego people), interesting finds, and cool facts, kids will be entertained for hours. They also share a ‘Back in Time’, ‘Build It’ and ‘Record Breakers’ section that highlights more fascinating information. It’s a great book that helps kids ages 7+ to learn, build and play.

Super Slime

Super Slime Idea book

Kids love slime. It’s a super stretchy, squishy, oozy and viscously medium that kids can play and create with. It’s been all the rage for decades, but now kids can make their very own recipes from the Super Slime guide to gooey. Inside kids will find over 30 different ingenious and inventive recipes made from kid-safe ingredients.

The Super Slime book is packed with lots of fun ideas and will teach kids everything they need to know about this gross medium. You’re provided with a list of all the ingredients needed to make the slime recipes. But it’s important to know that none of the recipes are edible. Each slime recipe includes the ingredients needed and step-by-step visual instructions. You’re also given how many minutes it takes to make the recipe, difficulty level and a warning that the slime is not edible and may stain. Some recipes also include a Top Tip that will inspire kids to bring on their creativity.

Kids can make Galaxy Slime that is out of this world with glitter, sparkly stars and bedazzling sequins. Feel like some spooky slime? Make a Halloween Slime with glowing paint and spiders. Christmas is nearing rapidly and kids may enjoy creating their own Festive Slime with glitter, pompoms, tinsel or sequins. Or maybe the Toothpaste Slime, Fake Vomit Slime or Underwater Slime sounds more appealing. Kids will be entertained and have a blast with this seriously addictively fun gooey substance, no matter how old they are.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.