Kids Fun Facts and Cool Finds Books

Kids naturally put up a little resistance to learning and focusing and they get bored very easily. But if the academic material is presented in an interesting manner, they will be irresistibly drawn to it. Books are a great resource. They’re filled with colorful illustrations and saturated with fun and interesting facts that kids will absorb without trying. DK Books carries a large selection of children’s books that are not only appealing, but they’re also educational. Here are the latest editions to our family library.

Forest Life

Forest Life storybook

Forest Life and Woodland Creatures is packed with awesome photos, cool illustrations, fun facts and tons of activities. Kids will get to hang out with their favorite forest friends and learn a little about their environment, habits and other intriguing tidbits and trivia.

Kids will learn about the seasons, night creatures, how a tree grows and so much more. Plus, will get hands-on experience making several forest-inspired projects like Leafy Bugs, Plate Nests, Berry Ice Pops, Bear Mask and more.

The Magic and Mystery of Trees

The Magic and Mystery of Trees

The Magic and Mystery of Trees is a colorful compendium that focuses solely on the life of trees. It’s broken down into five different sections, What is a Tree | Flowers, Trees and Seeds | Tree Partners | Tree Habitats | and Trees and Me. Trees are more than just towering plants, they provide so much to our environment. Kids will learn about the types of trees, and their parts – roots, trunk, bark and leaves.

They’ll also learn about forests, how trees live and take care of each other, harvesting, and so much more. Also shared are the dangers of deforestation and the effects of pollution on our trees. At the end of the book, children will learn how to grow and help our trees. The photography and illustrations are captivating and the facts are entertaining to read about.

Around the World in 80 Ways

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Ways is a delightful book about the various mean of transportation from around the world past and present. In fact, kids will learn 80 different ways to travel from dugout boats to ancient chariots to ferries to Maglev to strollers.

The colorful illustrations feature transportation in various seasons and in different parts of the globe. Kids will also learn historical facts. Did you know that the hot-air balloon was invented by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783 in France? Or do you know how the Stagecoach got its name? I do!! This book is bursting with fun facts and interesting finds.

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