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After a long busy day, kids love to wind down with a story or two. Storybooks are great learning tools and they can have a profound influence on children. Kids have their favorites and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read them the story, they somehow still manage to grasp something new and interesting about the characters or plot. Kids are savvy and they seem to notice the little things most of us miss and they grasp the storyline or message inferred in each story.

Adding new children’s storybooks to your family library exposes them to different scenarios, subjects, and stimuli. And that’s a good thing. I recently added four new books to our collection and the kids love them.

Peppa Pig Story Treasury

Peppa Pig Story Treasury Storybooks

Who doesn’t love Peppa Pig and her enchanting friends? The Peppa Pig Story Treasury features a collection of favorite tales that include her family and the whole gang. There are six entertaining stories and each one is filled with fun and adventures.

*Peppa Pig and the Muddy Puddles
*Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School
*Peppa Pig and the Day at the Museum
*Peppa Pig and the Great Vacation
*Peppa Pig and the Library Visit
*Peppa Pig and the Treasure Hunt

Pippa Pig is a positive and cheerful little character. Every day is a new adventure! Pippa Pig has a lot of fun learning, exploring, and experiencing day to day life with her family and friends. Each story implies a lesson that is kind, giving, and friendly. The cartoon illustrations are bright, colorful, and open a dialogue for young children to express what they see as they read the book. It’s a wonderful book to have in our library.

Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt

Hoppy Floppy's Carrot Hunt storybooks

Hoppy Floppy’s Carrot Hunt is a beautifully illustrated interactive board book about a little bunny who is looking for colorful carrots to fill her empty basket. As she hops through the forest in search of them, her friends chip in to help. Each open page has several flaps that kids can lift up to see if there are any colored carrots hiding there.

Hoppy Floppy's Carrot Hunt

Hoppy Floppy’s friends Sneak, Snacky Squirrel, Shelby, Frida, and Frankie leave no stone or leaf unturned. Where can the colored carrots be? They search the whole forest floor, but they need the kid’s help by lifting the flaps. Kids will enjoy the visual experience and try to guess if there is anything hiding under the flaps. It’s exciting! The storyline is catchy, the illustrations are attractive and kids have a mission to accomplish. It’s a great book for Easter and perfect for any family library.

Becca’s Bunch B is for Becca

Becca's Bunch B is for Becca storybooks

Becca’s Bunch is a group of delightful forest animals that enjoy helping kids learn through videos and books. In this cute little board book, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten-aged kids will be encouraged to learn their ABC’s. Each letter of the alphabet features the letter in upper and lower case, a word that starts with that letter and a colorful image that begins with the same letter. Some letters even feature Becca and her friends.

Becca's Bunch B is for Becca storybooks

From Acorn to Zipper, each letter will feature familiar objects kids may recognize from their home, neighborhood, or city. It may also introduce them to new objects like an Easel. Each page is saturated with a bright color, so children will learn a variety of hues as well. The images are captivating, inviting, and make learning so much fun. It’s a great book for your family library.

Becca’s Big Decision

Becca's Big Decision storybooks

Becca’s Big Decision is a good, warm learning story for kids of all ages. A special delivery puts her in a very uncomfortable predicament. Becca has three best friends, Pedro, Sylvia, and Russell and they always do everything together. Becca just received three tickets to see the Firefly Flyby in Uncle Ned’s hot-air balloon. But, there are four of them. What is she going to do? She confides her dilemma with MJ, a moose who offered some positive advice. What does Becca decide to do? Kids will appreciate the ending.

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