Kid’s Cheerful Reads for the Winter Blues

January and February can be two of the most boring months of the year, especially for kids. The temperatures are cold, the skies dreary and the days can be gloomy, so kids spend most of their time indoors. Kids can get bored very quickly and mope around the house looking for some inspiration to keep their minds occupied. An action as simple as picking up a storybook can change a child’s demeanor, disposition, and doings in no time. Having a stack of fresh titles around your home will encourage your kids to pick one up, crack open the cover, and become part of a magical story.

As parents, we value the positive impact storybooks have on our children. They spark the imagination, motivate change, pique curiosity, trigger empathy and improve reading and concentration skills. Here are a few new titles we have in our home!

Every Little Kindness

Every Little Kindness Storybook

One quality that we want to instill in our children is kindness. Being friendly, considerate, compassionate, and giving is what the storybook Every Little Kindness is about. Using only illustrations only, no words at all, the images reflect a variety of kind acts and deeds people show and do.

A young girl has lost her dog and puts up missing posters in hopes someone has seen her beloved pet. Even in her sorrow and heartache, this girl showed kindness to a stranger that had a rippled effect on everyone that day and the days afterward. It’s a beautiful story that emphasizes that what kindness you put out, will come back to you in droves. Ages 5-8 years

He Came With the Couch

He Came With the Couch storybook

Imagine looking for a couch, only to find out that a funny little blue fella comes with it. That is what happened to Sophie’s family in the storybook, He Came With the Couch. They were in need of a couch and found one at a rummage sale, but curiously it came with an appendage. The family tried in vain to get the little guy to leave, but he wouldn’t budge. After numerous efforts to get him off the couch, they decided to just get used to him being there. Then something huge happened and his presence made a big impact on the family. Humor, vibrant illustrations and the act of acceptance, make this storybook a good read. Ages 3-5 years

Inside Cat

Inside Cat storybook

If you have cats, then you and your kids will adore this picture book. Ever wonder what our cats do when we are not home? This storybook provides some eye-opening details. Inside Cat lives in a big house and loves to roam from room to room observing and looking out the windows. He wanders, wonders, lingers, stares, jumps, runs, looks up, down, and side to side, nibbles, drinks, naps, and so much more. The illustrations are created with a crude crayon vibe that kids seem to love. It’s a cute story that will capture our kid’s attention! Ages 3-5 years

The Fox and the Forest Fire

The Fox and the Forest Fire

The Fox and the Forest Fire is a heartwarming story of hope and friendship. A young boy has moved to the country with his family and he’s not sure he’s diggin’ this wide-open nature vibe. He’s bored, has no friends and the place does not feel like home. But, after hiking with his mom, he discovered there were lots of fun things to do. One day he meets a fox and the two become friends. The fox follows him everywhere… until tragedy strikes the forest… a fire. The forest is devastated, and they lost their home. But he realizes that there are some things that fire cannot burn. With time, the forest will regrow, the animals will return to their home, and so will the boy and his mom. It’s a touching story! Ages 5-8 years

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.