Kids Computer Science and Coding Books

Computers and other digital devices like Laptops, iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Notebooks are not deemed luxury items, but everyday means of communication, social interaction, entertainment and they also allow us access to vast amounts of information. If we want to know something, we Google it! Plus, there are literally millions of apps for everything you can think of. These devices have, in fact, become appendages most of us cannot live without. Digital technology is everywhere and here to stay, so we need to learn how to live and work with it.

At one-time, computer science and coding was something adults learned and taught. But today, that has changed. Elementary, middle and high schools are now teaching computer science and coding classes so our kids can function in our ever progressing digital world. Hardware and software are being developed with great alacrity and we don’t want our kids left behind. DK Books has two resources that will help kids and parents learn these useful skills.

Help Your Kids With Computer Science

Help Your Kids With Computer Science

Help Your Kids With Computer Science is geared to help a wide range of kids and parents from little to no knowledge to those studying this subject in college. This book is divided into thirteen different chapters: Getting Started, What is Computer Science, Hardware, Computational Thinking, Data, Programming Techniques, Programming Language, Networks, Websites and App Construction, Digital Behaviors, Social Media, Digital Issues and The Future of Computers.

The first chapter Getting Started is designed for those who are just entering the world of computers. Kids will learn basic computer functions, how to look for files, moving data, software and hardware, operating systems, social networking, search engines, cybersecurity, how to fix common problems, printers, webcams and so much more.

Each chapter expands on its topic with step-by-step instructions using colorful illustrations to flesh out concepts, tips and hints, labels and annotations to bring attention to specific points. Kids will be up to date with the latest computer science information and feel confident in putting it to use. By the end of the book, they’ll know about encryption, binary codes, algorithms, how to build their own computer, hacking, malware, java, and lots more. It’s perfect for students of all ages.

Help Your Kids With Computer Coding

Help Your Kids With Computer Coding

Once kids are comfortable with their computer science skills, they can take it a step further and learn how to code in Help Your Kids with Computer Coding. In this book, kids will master Scratch 3.0, the brand-new version of the world’s most popular coding language for beginners. The contents are divided into five sections: What is Coding, Starting From Scratch, Playing With Python, Inside Computers and Programming In The Real World.

Like most, kids are visual learners, so they’ll benefit from the colorful graphics and illustrations. There are lots of bold annotations, digital characters, and arrows that direct your attention to points of interest. Kids will learn how to use the programming languages Scratch and Python. With Scratch, programs are created by connecting blocks of code instead of laboriously typing it out. Python is used to build websites, tools and games.

The second section focuses completely on Scratch. Kids will enjoy creating programming blocks and see their creations come alive. They’ll learn how to install and launch Scratch, its interface, Sprites, color blocks and codes, creating games, making things move and much more.

The third section is about playing with Python. It takes a little longer to learn, but it’s more versatile. The codes are easy to write and read and it even has ready-to-use codes in its library. Kids will learn to install Python and IDLE on several different operating systems. They’ll also learn simple and harder commands, types of data, adding strings, branching, loops, lists, functions, tuples and so much more.

Chapter four teaches kids what’s inside a computer from hardware to memory to input to processors to binary and bases to symbols and codes to storing. This book covers the necessary information needed for kids to feel confident about computer coding.

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