Kid’s Creative Concept Books

In a regular situation, kids would be spending more time outdoors with their friends goofing off, going to movies, playing games, and just having fun. We all miss the comradery, fraternizing, and social exchange we get from hanging out with our BFF’s and other friends. Parents are left to entertain, amuse, and even educate their kids while going through this social distancing experience.

Story and concept books are great boredom busters and creativity builders for kids of all ages. They encourage reading, inspire ingenuity, and spark the imagination. There are oodles of books on the market, but I found some captivating titles on Schiffer Publishing. And, kids love them.

Chadwick Activity Book

Chadwick Activity Book for kids ages 5- 8

The Chadwick Activity Book has over 40 pages of fun exercises, puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, and more. Chadwick the crab is your host and he welcomes kids to his Chesapeake Bay Academy. He’ll take kids through a variety of scenes on land and in the water and educate kids on what things do not belong in the bay. This activity and concept book will encourage kids to respect and take care of our animals, the environment, and the whole planet. Plus, there are four pages of attractive stickers at the back of the book for kids to personalize their pages. Great for kids aged 5 – 8.

King of Boredom

King of Boredom concept book for kids ages 5-8

We all know that kid who is easily distracted, easily bored and has a short attention span. They can be hard to please and amused at best. That is, until they find their groove or that one activity that brings out their talents. That is what the King of Boredom is all about, it focuses on the concept of apathy. Ben, a pale thin boy, has always been bored regardless of the social occasion, time of year, or the people around. Deciding he was the king of boredom, Ben sequestered himself in his room. But it was here that his imagination was sparked and his creativity flourished. He found his interest and ran with it. He was bored no more!

My New Friends

My New Friends Early Concept Colors book.

My New Friends is an enchanting little board, concept book ideal for preschoolers. It’s about friends and colors – both of which captivate kids. Poodle introduces his friend to young readers, so they learn about various animals and a variety of colors. The description of each friend has a fun rhyming melodic flow that’s fun and bouncy. The focus is on primary colors and their secondary colors. The back of the book shows the 3 basic colors and how to combine them to create their secondary colors. But to me, the bigger picture teaches kids how fun it is to have friends of all colors and races.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.