Kids Delightful Spring Reads

Kid’s storybooks are more than just tales and fables that we enjoy reading over and over. They are powerful teaching tools that can instill important values and virtues. They are magical portals that foster creativity and encourage kid’s imaginations to flourish uninhibited. They nurture sympathy, empathy, and compassion, and spark kindness toward the people around them. We can never have enough storybooks.

With the massive variety of storybooks available, you never know which one will have an impact on your kids. Some stories will influence and shape who they will be as adults. Storybooks can expound positive concepts, morals, and life-long lessons that will carry kids far into the future. That’s why adding new books to your family library is essential for their growth in so many ways. Here are a few new titles that your kids may enjoy reading.

Thank you Miyuki storybook

Thank you, Miyuki is an enchanting story about a little girl and her grandfather. Each morning her grandfather starts his day with tai chi and meditation as part of his self-care routine. Miyuki is eager to learn meditation and asked her grandfather to teach her. Well, she interrupts him while he is doing his mediation. But, he is kind and patient and takes her on a walk through a beautiful garden. All along she is asking Grandpa how to meditate. In this gorgeous garden, they take the time to smell and appreciate the gracefulness of the flowers. They watch the water ripple and the coy fish swim. They lay on the grass and admire the different shaped clouds and embrace the warmth of the sun. Without Miyuki realizing it, they were meditating all day long. Little Miyuki comes to understand that in these small acts of mindfulness throughout her day, she has learned how to meditate. Great for kids aged 5 – 8.

Becoming a Good Creature storybook

As a pet owner for many years, I can honestly say that they have taught me many valuable lessons. Humans and animals have a natural connection and we can learn a lot just by watching their behavior. Animals are naturally empathic, forgiving, and shower us with unconditional love. They make us laugh, they give us comfort and they are always there for us. Becoming a Good Creature is a darling book for kids who love animals or want to learn more about them. Whether wild or tamed, whether furry, feathered or hooved, animals are a blessing to the world and should be treated with kindness, gentleness, and respect. For kids aged 4 – 7.

Mila Wants to Go to School

Mila Wants to Go to School is a sweet story about a little girl who is super excited about her first day of school. The story is very relatable to many families. Mila lives sometimes with her dad and sometimes with her mom. Lots of children are a product of shared custody and learn to enjoy life living in two homes. Mila is at her dad’s home and he is going to take her to school. But, he’s dilly-dallying and Mila wants to be there already. Dad loves being with Mila and is a little sad that he has to say goodbye when he takes her to school. In this case, dad has separation anxiety because Mila is pumped and super happy to be in school. Great for kids aged 2 – 5.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.