Kids Easter Books

The Easter Bunny is coming in just a few short weeks and the kids are all excited. Many families and even some communities will arrange to have a massive Easter egg hunt where kids search for candy and spring-inspired toys. In our area, whoever finds the golden Easter egg, wins a special prize. Kids get outside, they love a healthy competition and it’s egg-cellent fun.

Other’s have fun painting pictures on eggs or dying them with bright colors or glow in the dark hues – Koolaid is a great choice. Kids have such great imaginations and come up with some really awesome designs. Some kids love baking and let their creative genius out in the kitchen. Carrot cake, cookies, pudding, Rice Krispie treats, and colorful popcorn are some ideas that kids can make during the Easter break.

For those down and quiet times though, there is nothing like a picture book with an endearing storyline to snuggle down with. Seasonal books get the kids in the spirit of the holiday and will introduce them to holiday traditions. I have two new Easter books that young children will enjoy reading for years to come.

Tiny The Canada Easter Bunny

Tiny The Canada Easter Bunny

Tiny is a good-natured loveable elephant. He enjoys life and takes care of himself. One day while out for a jog, he hears someone crying for help. It sure sounded like his friend, Fluff. Fluff is the Easter Bunny and she decided to hide in a log. I know what your thinking, why would she do that. Well, it sounded like a great idea at the time, but the thing is, she got herself stuck and cannot get out. Tiny found her and tried to get her out, but no matter how hard he pulled and tugged, it was no use.

This is an urgent situation because the Easter Eggs must be delivered and quickly. Tiny says he is going to deliver the eggs – he knew how because he watched Fluff last year. I mean it’s only Easter eggs, right? How hard can it be? So Tiny dons a bunny outfit and set off on this simple task… or at least he thought it was going to be easy. But acting on behalf of the Easter Bunny isn’t that simple, especially if you’re a very large grey elephant. Tiny the Canada Easter Bunny is a delightful story with lots of colorful pages. The kids will adore this story.

Big Bunny

This once upon a time storybook is about a very, very big bunny, a ginormous bunny. You might think that a huge bunny would be scary and dangerous, but no, he’s just a big bunny. He’s not a monster, just a massive bunny who likes to eat carrots by the truckload. No, he doesn’t the trucks, just the carrots. The trucks are driven by penguins. That’s right, penguins also build bridges. From there, the story lets a reader take over the outcome. Hmm, so how does this Big Bunny story end? Does he eat all the bridges the penguins built? This imaginative story’s ending will surprise you.

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