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Starting a new school year can be both exciting and intimidating. New grade, new teachers, new students, and new study material. Plus, kids be learning some new skill sets that might be a struggle to grasp. Very often parents have to step in and assist their kids with homework and offer additional help through the use of learning aid books. DK Books has a variety of study aids that will help kids develop their knowledge, proficiency, competence, aptitude, confidence and so much more, in a plethora of academic subjects.

Learning good study skills when your children are young, will not only help them learn easier during their scholastic years, but also assist them later on in the job sector. The “Help Your Kids” line of visual guidebooks is one of those helpful aids. They will make the process of learning far more fun and enjoyable for kids.

Help Your Kids With Study Skills

Help your kids with study skills

Getting our kids to settle down and study at home may not be easy if they haven’t learned useful techniques that will help them absorb their school material. Plus, they may also be easily distracted at school. Talking, music, rustling, movement, noise, and other factors can influence how much our kids assimilate in class.

The Help Your Kids With Study Skills covers, How to Learn, Preparing and Setting Goals, Getting and Working with Information, Online Study, Review Techniques, Exam Techniques and Handling Anxiety. Plus, there is a large Reference area at the back of the book. Kids will find the colorful illustrations, short but concise paragraphs and easy-to-follow instructions, helpful and useful. They’ll pick up pointers on how to study, enhance their reading skills, develop the right mindset, how to concentrate, procrastination, how to take notes, mind maps, problem-solving and much more. It’s a practical book that helps kids hone in on weaker study skills and learn how to excel in them.

Help Your Kids With Math|Science|Language Arts

Help Your Kids With Math|Science|Language Arts

The Help Your Kids With Math | Science | Language Arts is a boxed set of comprehensive books that will help kids and parents understand the principles and concepts behind math, science, and English. These are often the toughest subject to learn and kids can get frustrated quickly. But these visual aid books will walk kids through each topic as they learn at their own pace. They’re created with kids ages 8 to 16 in mind, but younger kids will also glean some educational insight.

The Math guide covers Numbers, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, Statistics, and Probability. Kids can pick up more skills on binary numbers, angles, formulas, surds, arcs, linear graphs and more. The Science guide covers vast information on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Kids will learn about such topics as genetics, covalent bonding, digestion, Acids and bases, heat transfer, transformers and more. The Language Arts guide covers Grammer, Punctuation, Spelling, Communications Skills and has a Reference at the back. Kids will glean knowledge on nouns, verbs, prepositions, vowel sounds, morphemes, silent letters, paragraphing, and tons more.

Each of these topics covers lots of concepts using innovative and colorful diagrams and illustrations with easy-to-follow step-by-step explanations, making the experience satisfying and pleasant. The clever layouts allow kids to absorb information quickly and effortlessly. The ‘Help Your Kids’ series of study aid books are a must-have for school-aged children.

Spell Check, Canadian Edition

Spell Check, Canadian Edition

In our digital age where everything is made easier for us, we’re losing some of your educational skills. Almost every electronic device has spell check, so both kids and adults alike are losing their ability to spell or write a letter. Spell Check shares simple spelling rules, exceptions and concepts, along with and lots of tips and tricks to help kids spell correctly. It covers over 2000 words and uses animals images as visual aids to make your kids a spelling superstar.

Digraphs and trigraphs! When you have two letters together that make just one sound, it is called digraph – for example, sh in “ship.” When you have three letters together making one sound, it is called a trigraph – for example, igh in “high.”

Kids will learn about the phonic families, verbs, prefixes, contractions, plurals, facto or fiction, silent letters, homographs, synonyms and antonyms, root words, mnemonics and much more. Each concept is explained and visual examples are provided. Each page provides fun activities for the kids to get involved in and further deepen their understanding of the information they are learning. We love this book, it makes spelling so enjoyable and easy to learn.

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