Kids Entrancing Storybooks

Whether you are homeschooling, unschooling or your kids are back in school, books never get old. No matter what curriculum you choose, books or storybooks, whether physical or digital will always play a huge part in education or fun reading time. Storybooks have a way of allowing kids to drift out of reality and into a world of fun and make-believe where their imaginations can run rampant.

Storybooks also help kids sound out words, develop literary skills, grasp language, communicate, and develop social skills. Having a nice selection of fun reads will encourage kids to crack open a storybook and explore its contents. Here are a few titles to add to your kid’s library.

Cave Dada

Cave Dada Storybook

Cave Dada is a lovely story about a caveman who wants his toddler to go to sleep. But, little Baba wants a story read to him. He tries to appease his son with toys, a rattle, a soft blanky, and even fire, but it’s not working, he wants a story read to him. The father finally finds a book – made out of stone, of course, but little Baba wants the other book. As the father finds bigger books, little Baba isn’t satisfied and keeps wanting bigger books. The father must trek some distance to find the biggest book. He’s pushed to the limit and wants to cry himself. But does this finally pacify little Baba? The whole book is written with a caveman vocabulary and a cool font. The illustrations are colorful and kids can easily discern the scenario. It’s a great book for kids aged 3-5.

Over the Moon

Mabel, a Mermaid Fable Storybook

Over the Moon is an endearing story about two wolves who see a baby drifting down a river. She’s floating with the current and the wolves act quickly to retrieve her. The obvious thing would be to take her home with them, right? Well, that is exactly what they did, but each had different ideas. One wolf wanted to love, cherish, and teach her. The other wolf wanted to eat her. As the baby grows into a young girl, the wolves are deeply attached to her. She cheerful, smart, strong, and soon discovers other kids. Will she leave the wolves and start a new life? Over the moon has pretty illustrations and message that is relatable. We don’t have to be family to develop a deep love them each other. It’s perfect for kids aged 3-5.

Mabel, A Mermaid Fable

Mabel, a Mermaid Fable Storybook

Mable A Mermaid Fable is an endearing tale about friendship. Mable is a cute little mermaid that is missing a physical characteristic her whole family has. She is very self-conscious about it and usually finds a place to hide. One day she hides in a hole and meets another self-conscious sea creature. Lucky is an octopus, but he only has 7 legs. They become friends and make each other comfortable. But other sea creatures are mean and call them nudibranches. Hmm, wonder what they are? They are totally awesome sea slugs and Mable loves them. The colorful illustrations are captivating and make you feel like you’re underwater. It’s a great story about connecting with new friends and not judging them by their appearance. Great for kids aged 3-5.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.