Kids Fables and Tales

I can remember as a kid, my parents always giving us storybooks as Christmas presents. To me, they were wonderful gifts. I loved the magic of fables, tales, and fairy tales. Their colorful, decorative, embossed, and bound leather-look, their fresh book smell, and their inviting stories always made me appreciate this gift. These were stories I read over and over because they were charming and exciting. Some were comforting stories, others adventurous and some were funny stories that made an impact on me. And they were always filled with colorful illustrations that allowed my imagination to flow.

Today, kids have volumes if video games to distract them, but you cannot get the same sentimental joy and emotional bond as you do from a book filled with funny and fond fables. The long Christmas break afforded kids lots of time to relax and enjoy a good book and I have three adorable titles to share.

The Bear Who Didn’t Want to Miss Christmas

The Bear Who Didn't Want to Miss Christmas tale

The Bear Who Didn’t Want To Miss Christmas is an enchanted fable about Little Bear and his best friends who live in the Four Season Woods. Jules the rabbit, Sammy the skunk, Oswald the owl, Bill the badger, Sally the Stoat, and Bill the Big Deer were all excited about Christmas. It’s less than a month away and all his friends had already sent off their letters to Santa. They were so excited wondering what Santa would bring them, that is everyone except Little Bear. Bears hibernate every winter so he never gets to celebrate this festive holiday.

In the spirit of Christmas, his friends decide to surprise Little Bear with an Almost Christmas get together. While Big Deer took Little Bear out to look for berries, Little Bears friends decorate his home in full holiday decor. He was delighted and happy he got to experience his first Almost Christmas. Secret code: holly berries

The illustrations are cheerful, enchanting, and set in a wintery forest. It sets the tone for this holiday story. Kids loved how thoughtful and giving Little Bears friends were. They reflected the true spirit of Christmas. It’s a lovely book and perfect for a children’s library where fables and tales are fondly read.

How to Become a Knight

How to Become a Knight tale

It’s every kid’s dream to become a knight, and this book will show them just how to do it in Ten Easy Lessons. Set in medieval times, it’s a story about a little boy named Sam. Sir Simpleton, (who comes by his name honestly), is a professional sword fighter, dragon tamer, world traveler, and by sheer luck, he’s also a knight tamer… but this week only, has graciously agreed to train Sam to be a Knight.

The humor in this book shows Sir Simpleton contradicting each of the ten lessons he shares with Sam. He is inept, a complete fool, and in essence the laughing stock of the village, but Sam just goes with the flow. Some of the true knights and village folks are watching as Sir Simpleton is teaching Sam and they are aghast. You see his advice was sound, but his actions were, shall we say eccentric. In the end… you’ll have to read the book to find out.

The illustrations are vivid and captivating. There is so much to see on each page, that kids enjoy pondering the scene and noticing things that most adults miss. It’s a great fable and will definitely guide kids to becoming Knight.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.