Kids How To Be A Math Genius Tutor Books

Reflective on where you live, kids on all levels of education will be heading back to school around the first week of September. While this has been a challenging year, most kids kept up with their scholastic activities from April to June. That being said, some subjects can be more difficult to learn on your own, like Math. Many students struggle with math applications and its many complex concepts. Polls say it’s the hardest subject to learn and I don’t anyone would argue with that fact. So, if kids don’t get a strong grasp on the basic foundations of this subject, they may feel doomed. But, there are some great resources from DK Books that can assist kids in all math applications and make the whole process seem like fun. Let’s check out two of these academic resources.

How To Be A Math Wizard

Math wizard

The How to Be a Math Wizard uses innovation and creativity to teach kids math skills. This book is filled with tons of activities and projects that will help kids discover math in their everyday world. It’s divided into 6 chapters, Edible Math, Toys and Games, Out and About, Getting Around, Around the Home, and Your Body.

When you crack open the book, the inside of the front and back covers have the timetables for a quick reference. As they flip through the pages, kids will enjoy learning key math concepts through crafts, baking, art, games and so much more. Each activity or project lists all the ingredients or supplies you’ll need at the very top of the page.

Make a smoothie or cookie shapes, design and build a mini house or city, make a flower timetable, create a treasure map, make a body clock, and tons more. Kids will be dealing with calculations, numbers, shapes, spaces, measurements, and other relatable items. These are all included in core curriculum math topics but embraced here in more fun, interesting and engaging formats, so kids will enjoy the experience. Readers will also learn about past and present mathematicians who left an impact in the math world. Whether your children like solving problems, making cool things and projects, or learning facts or not, this book will amp up their math skills! Score!

How to Be Good at Math

how to be good at math

How to Be Good at Math is perfect for visual learners from grades 2 to 5 to get a better grasp on math and ultimately love this subject. This vibrant book is divided into 6 chapters. Numbers, Calculating, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics, and Algebra!

Each section is filled with colorful and explanatory illustrations, informative data boxes and easy-to-follow instructions. Every concept or application are explained in step-by-step sequences so children understand how they arrived at the answer.

Roman numerals, fractions, percentages, division, multiplication, adding, subtracting, decimals, square numbers, capacity, volume, mass, imperial units, dates, calculating time, geometry, angles, Venn diagrams are some of the topics discussed in this beneficial math resource book. Each application has a ‘Try It Out’ section where kids can apply what they have learned to see if they grasp the concept. Answers are at the back of the book if needed. It’s a fun book and kids will appreciate it once they realize how easily math can be mastered.

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