Kids I Love Animals Books

Children have a soft spot for animals and they can develop a bond with them very quickly. In our home, kids are taught early on to love, respect, and cherish all animals. They are to be treated with kindness just like people. Animals give off good vibes, their soft and fuzzy, their loyal and they give unconditional love. Give a child a book about animals and they’re engaged and pouring over the pages for hours. I recently added two new animal books to our family library and they’re filled with lots of amazing animals, birds, and critters.

Animal Atlas

Animal Atlas

The Smithsonian Children’s Illustrated Animal Atlas is bursting with information on more than 600 amazing animals. This atlas will not only share maps, but it will also show the different climates and habitats where specific animals live around the world. The first page explains how to use and navigate this book and has two legends. One legend shows the 14 different habitat symbols and the other shows 3 border symbols.

The next page in the book shows all the different continents and the oceans separating them. Did you know that the Antarctic Ocean is also called the Southern Ocean? There’s also a temperature scale on the side so you can see what zone each continent is in. There is the polar zone, temperature zone, tropical zone and temperate zone.

When kids flip to a continent, country, page or animal they are interested in, they will get a bird’s eye view of the area. Each page is filled with colorful images and interesting content that kids will want to read. Did you know that the largest beetle in the world is 18 cm (7 inches) long? Guess where it lives? It might be near you!

The legend on the top of the page will fill in the details, plus the compass will share the direction on the map. At a glance, kids will see what animals live there, their habitat, the bodies of water, and the country border. There are real and illustrative images of animals, birds, butterflies, ocean life, plant life, and bugs. And there is just insightful information that kids can grasp, about each one. The Animal Atlas is so captivating, kids will find it hard to put down.

Peek and Seek

Peek and Seek

Peek and Seek is a fun and interactive book that has fold-out pages with objects hidden within for kids to find. Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations of animals, their environment, and an assortment of hidden surprises. The pages are a lot thicker than an average storybook, so they can handle a lot of traffic. Kids will learn the name of a group of animals and will have tons of fun searching for objects within each page.

The animals covered in this book include a Flock of Birds, a Troop of Monkeys, a Pack of Wolves, an Army of Ants, a School of Fish, and a Colony of Rabbits. The index is at the back of the book and sums up some fabulous facts about each group.

As the children flip open the gatefold flaps, they’ll be greeted with an abundance of activity. There is a legend on the side of the flap that tells kids what objects or critters are hidden on the page. Now it’s up to them to find all of them by searching carefully. But, watch out, there are a few surprises on each page as well. Plus, kids will learn interesting information about the animal on that particular page. Kids will discover something new each time they open the book.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.