Kids Magical StoryBooks

Children are mesmerized by all things magical, whimsical, and enchanting. So, it’s no surprise that they are enraptured with unicorns. These mythical and legendary creatures of ancient folklore are said to be radiantly beautiful and have extraordinary powers. And kids completely love them! Have you ever heard of a wishing tree? Well, they exist and kids believe in them!

Children also love fairy tales and unicorns and wishing trees would fit right into the realm of fables, fiction, folklore, and legends. When kids love the subject of a storybook, they will immerse themselves deep into its pages and enjoy the story and develop an appreciation for reading. Here are two new adorable magical storybooks that will entertain kids and take them on a captivating experience.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle

A Unicorn Named Sparkle Storybook

What would you do if you saw an ad in the newspaper that said you could buy a unicorn for 25 cents? You’d fill out the form and mail it quickly. A Unicorn Named Sparkle storybook is about a little girl named Lucy who bought a unicorn for a mere 25 cents. She envisioned her beautiful unicorn in pretty colors and his name will be Sparkle. She’d take him for a walk, ride him and take him to school for show and tell. Lucy was really looking forward to having a unicorn as her best friend.

The day finally arrived, Lucy’s unicorn was here! But… what she got instead was a stinky, flea-infested, badly behaved goat! He ate everything in sight, would not let her ride him, didn’t want to go for walks, and embarrassed her. Oh dear, what will she do with him? You’ll never guess!

You and Me and the Wishing Tree

You and Me and the Wishing Tree

We’ve all heard of wishing wells, wish upon a star, a wishbone, make a wish when you blow out candles, but did you know there are wishing trees? I have a book that says so. You and Me and the Wishing Tree storybook will show you how to make your wishes come true. Written in a rhythmic poem format, the words bounce off the page with joy.

In this winsome story, some children discover a wishing tree in their yard, and one child said I Wish I Could Fly. That wish came true! As they soared through the air, all their wishes were coming true, having lunch with bears, kissing a unicorn, playing hopscotch with penguins and so many more. The illustrations are beautiful and kids feel like they are included in the story. Now they believe they can make all their wishes come true too. It’s a¬†magical storybook and we’re happy it’s part of our¬†family library.

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