Kids Picture Books

The first thing that attracts a child to a storybook is the pictures. They become mesmerized by the colorful illustrations and want you to read them the book as they take control and eagerly turn the pages. Picture books inspire and encourage kids to develop a passion for reading. Like most homes, we have a collection of storybooks that get read over and over. There are the usual favorites, but it’s nice to inject some fresh stories that broaden children’s minds. Here are four new engaging kids picture books we added to our family library.



Babymoon is about a family who has just welcomed a new baby into their life. The sign on their door reads, See You Soon! The parents want to enjoy the first few days of being with their new baby before inviting friends and family over. Everyone has to adjust to this new life being in their home, including the pets. It means a new schedule, new responsibilities and new concerns. The illustrations are charming and capture the warmth and love of a family. Secret code: piggies.

Mr. Posey’s New Glasses

Mr. Posey's New Glasses story book

Mr. Posey’s New Glasses is a story about a senior who isn’t feeling very happy. He feels his world, his life are dull and boring. He thinks he needs a new pair of glasses, so he asks his young neighbor Andy to accompany him to the Cheer Up Thrift Shop, where he buys most of his things. There is a barrel filled with glasses, so one by one Mr. Posey tries them on. Each pair brings on a new experience. The star-shaped glasses make everything dark and celestial. With the turtle shell glasses, Mr. Posey envisions a deep sea experience and he was frightened. The round glasses made him very dizzy and he felt sick. Mr. Posey tries on several more glasses, none of which make Mr. Posey happy. Then Andy makes an amazing discovery…! This heartwarming story will teach kids to appreciate and assist the seniors in our neighborhood. The illustrations are colorful and captivating; there’s so much to see.

A New Home

A New Home storybook

A New Home is a story about two children that are feeling uneasy about moving to a new city. One little boy is moving from New York to Mexico City and a little girl just happens to be moving from Mexico City to New York. Each child shares their favorite things about their home and city. Turns out they have a lot in common, just in a different location. The colorful illustrations are attractive and share what life is like in both cities. Kids can use their imaginations as they flip through the pages and envision being at the scene. The sentences are short because the illustrations in this picture book say it all. Moving might not be that scary after all and home is where life happens to lead us.

A Piglet Named Mercy

A Piglet Named Mercy Picture Book

Imagine opening your door one morning and finding a little piglet! That’s what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Watson, who live on Deckawoo Drive. They are ordinary people, living ordinary lives and doing ordinary things. Mrs. Watson wished for something different to happen, and it did. What a surprise to find a little piglet with the morning newspaper. Regardless of the mixed reactions from their neighbors, they adored this little piglet. They called her Mercy and she became a beloved member of their family.

Kids love animals and are always willing to adopt a stray who needs a home. Although a pig is not a classic pet, there are families who do have them for pets. This charming picture book is filled with cheerful illustrations, a heartwarming story and a wonderful ending. The kids loved it!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.