Kids Rainy Day Reading Bundle

Summer is not all sunshine and rainbows. We’re going to have cooler days, rainy days or windy days that will keep kids inside. To pass the time, kids can engage in games of course, but having a pile of age-appropriate books handy will encourage them to crack one open and enjoy the story. Reading can be pleasurable and entertaining, even for toddlers who have yet mastered this skill. Toddlers love having stories read to them and take great delight in the colorful illustrations that trigger their young imaginations. Here’s a list of storybooks that will charm, amuse and occupy a busy child this summer season.

The Quiet Crocodile Goes To The Beach

The Quiet Crocodile Goes To The Beach storybook

The Quiet Crocodile Goes To The Beach is an interactive book about a crocodile name Fossil, who happens to love going to the beach. He along with his friends, enjoy playing in the sand, but only his friend will dive into the water. Fossil is a little afraid of going into the water.

Fossil has an enormous amount of friends and young readers can learn their names at the front and back of the book. As toddlers flip through the pages, they can say the names of the characters and see if they notice any props they are playing with. The illustrations are colorful and playful. Kids will have fun at the beach, right from their home.

Mom and Me, Me and Mom

Mom and Me, Me and Mom storybook

Mom and Me, Me and Mom is a touching story about the bond between moms and their daughters. Readers will enjoy reading about those precious and memorable moments moms will have with their daughters as they grow up. From playing ball to getting messy in the garden to listening to seashells on the beach to sharing secrets, this book captures the intimate experiences of a beautiful partnership. Although the illustrations are simple with only 3 colors, they are still powerful enough to evoke tender emotions. It’s a lovely book and we are happy to have it in our collection.

I Have An Idea

I Have An Idea Storybook

I Have an Idea is a super interactive book that will push kids imaginations to the max. Each page provokes a reaction, an action, a comment, wild view or… a brainstorm concept. Kids will conspire, ponder and envision unlimited possibilities once they get an idea. How far can they take this idea? Just turn the page and … The simplicity of this book encourages and inspires kids to go wild with just a thought.

The Boring Book

The Boring Book storybook

The Boring Book delves into what it’s like to be excruciatingly bored. It’s about a little boy who just cannot find joy. As he goes about his day though, he reflects and speculates what being bored really means. He envisions different scenarios discerns what about them is boring… or not boring. Does a vending machine, a rock or teddy bear ever get bored? As he’s thinking about what a boring amusement park would be like, he suddenly realizes something!!! Nope, not telling. The illustrations are filled with vibrant primary colors and cute characters that kids can relate with. Kids will not be bored after reading this amusing storybook.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.