Kids Snuggle Time Reads

With the blast of cold weather and lots of snowfall we’ve had over the past few weeks, kids are happy to stay indoors where it’s warm and cozy. Encouraging our kids to do something constructive during these times can be a challenge. But if we create a positive ambience with some snuggly blankets, yummy hot chocolate and sprinkle our home with a variety of new and interesting books, they are bound to pick one up. Parents can turn basic reading into a special moment so our kids look forward to the magic of cracking open a storybook. Here are a few titles your kids may enjoy reading on a cold and stormy day.

Little Fox

Little Fox storybook

Little Fox is a darling story about an inquistive young fox pup. He loves being out in nature and frolicking in the grass, playing with bugs, looking for food and making new friends. His father warned him that while it’s okay to have curiousity, it’s important to stay guarded and safe as well. Don’t be too nosy.

One day he was racing behind some purple butterflies and was not aware of his surroundings. While the butterlies flew on, the ground disappeared from under little fox and he fell hard. So hard, that he fell asleep in a dream. He dreams of fond memories when he was so young playing with all his brothers and sisters. He dreams of the woods, bugs, food, big and small animals, the woods, flowers, and other pleasant experiences.

Then a human child comes into the picture. He’s riding his bike and having a picnic and taking photos in nature. Little fox and his brother find his bag full of food and a ball. Then, his curiousity gets him in trouble… real danger and he cannot get himself out. I wonder what happened to little fox? The images and illustrations are whimsical, colorful and full of energy. Kids will relate to the storyline and enjoy the characters.

Bigger Than a Dream

Bigger Than a Dream storybook

Death is a sad part of life and we all have to encounter it one day. Kids can be very emotional, heartbroken, bewildered and cry deeply. This book shares a story about a boy who hears his sisters voice. His sister died before he was even born, so he is curious and has earnest questions about her. He sees her photo on the wall and wants to know about death and dying. But then the photo talks to him and says, let’s go for a bike ride.

While sleeping, his sister’s spirit shows up beside his bed and she wants to show him some of her favorite places where she used to bike. While they are together, he has so many questions about death and his sister playfully answers them. Then she takes him to her grave and answers more questions.

It’s a great book that will prepare kids for unforseen and expected deaths. Spirits live on long after death and sometimes they reach out and communicate with family members. What a beautiful experience that would be.

On Account of the Gum

On Account of the Gum storybook

On Account of the Gum shares the hilarious antics about a young girl who, as the title implies, gets gum stuck in her hair. As parents we’ve all been there and getting gum out of hair usually leads to cutting the hair. But not so in this funny story. Kids will learn about the wackiest and wierdest suggestions on how to remove gum from their hair. Everyone in the family has heard or read a tip on how to remove gum from hair, so they try it out. Hmmm, but to no avail. By the time everyone has implemented their solution, the kid’s hair is heavy with so much product. Oh and by the way, it’s picture day at school!

The Scary Book

The Scary book

The Scary Book is a delightful board book that shares some creepy critters that little kids will naturally be afraid of. Each page features a mild character and a flap kids can lift. The flap is hiding a secret – a creepy secret. When little kids lift the flap, it exposes some gross and a somewhat scary images like sharp teeth, worms, tentacles and more. It’s a great Halloween book!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.