Kid’s Spring & Easter Books

It’s such a nice feeling when spring arrives. The sun shines longer, the air is warmer and it’s a time for new growth and new beginnings. It’s when baby animals are born, birds return and flowers break through the earth. It’s also the time when Easter is celebrated. While many indulge in chocolate bunnies and eggs, a lot of parents are opting to give non-sugar gift alternatives. Spring and Easter storybooks fit in this category nicely.

Granted, while some kids may roll their eyes at receiving books instead of a basket, many more will embrace the gift and enjoy reading some new and engaging stories. This spring season I’ve added several new storybooks to our family library. While they’re not all specifically about Easter, they still reflect the ambiance naturally associated with the spring season.

The Easter Bunny is coming to Canada is a charming story about a very busy Easter bunny. She has just finished delivering all the Easter eggs and now it’s time for her to revel in the moment and participate in some of the fun and celebrations. As she hops to various cities in Canada, she enjoys a bunch of different adventures. Picnics, egg decorating, egg rolls, exciting parades; oh what fun! She also helps children, makes them laugh, and wiggles and giggles her way into their hearts. The content is written in a rhyming format and the images and landscapes are beautifully illustrated with cheerful colors. (Ages 4 – 8)

Somebunny Loves You is an endearing board book for babies and toddlers. Each page features an adorable baby animal or bug complimented with cheerful and heartfelt messages, and charming puns. The love and affection are oozing from each of the critters and little children will enjoy the sweet and colorful illustrations. Keywords are written in larger and colored fonts for young children to associate with the image. Plus, each page has a hidden Easter egg and it’s up to the toddlers to find them! They will have so much fun searching and finding. Somebunny loves you. Psst. . . that bunny is me! ( Up to 3 years)

Have You Ever Seen a Flower

Have You Ever Seen a Flower is a picture book that explores the beauty of nature in all its 5 senses. A child picks a flower and a whole new world opens as she enjoys its color, fragrance, texture, and feel. She also appreciates its delicate design and how it grows and blooms into a thing of stellar beauty. All the illustrations are with a crayon effect and the content, although minimal, expands our imagination and inspires us to investigate nature further.(Ages 3 – 5)

Claris, The Chicest Mouse in Paris

Claris in Paris Book and Jigsaw Puzzle Set is the perfect combination for animal lovers and dainty young readers. Claris is the chicest mouse in all of Paris. The storybook shares her story from living in a garbage can to residing in a trendy apartment in Paris where she can follow her dreams of being a fashion designer. The apartment is home to a spoiled brat who torments her cat. Claris saved the cat from the cruel machinations of this rotten child and now they have become friends. The story is written in a rhyming format and the illustrations are elegant and colorful. It’s an enchanting story that kids will enjoy reading over and over. Plus, they can put together a 60 piece puzzle featuring these two friends. (Ages 3 – 8)

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.