Kid’s Love and Warmth Storybook Bundle

This time of year, the shelves are overflowing with Valentine’s Day chocolates, candies and stuffies. Although they are fun to give and receive, I’ve become more practical when I choose gifts for children. I want to give something that will last a lot longer than a treat or card, so I give storybooks. Books are interactive, engaging, and loaded with illustrations that capture kids attention. Storybooks can last a lifetime and be read over and over with family and friends. Here are a few new children’s books that are inspired by love, warmth and a hug or two. They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day!

You Make Me Happy

You Make Me Happy Storybook

You Make Me Happy is an endearing story about two critters, a fox and a porcupine. They discovered that their days are so much brighter and happier when they are together. Written in rhyme form, the words have a lively beat that will make it enjoyable for kids to read. The beautiful colored illustrations feature the rhymes in vivid action. Each page has a pretty and playful scene that kids can explore and be part of. It’s a great storybook that shows kindness, friendship and love.

Tiny T. Rex 

Tiny T. Rex storybook

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug is about a small dinosaur that has tiny arms. His body continues to grow, but he still has tiny arms. You see his friend Pointy is sad and needs cheering up and Tiny T. Rex things a hug would help. He wants to hug Pointy but is not able to, so he goes to various members of his family asking for their advice. Most of them give unusable advice, but his brother and sister told him he could do the impossible if he practiced. This perky little T. Rex was not going to give up and set out to practice hugging.

This little book is positive, cheerful, and encouraging. Kids will be inspired to try things that may seem impossible. Filled with colorful illustrations and easy to read words, children will enjoy reading this book many times. Great for the dinosaur fans in your family.

I Love You the Purplest

I Love You the Purplest storybook
I Love You the Purplest is a heartwarming story about a mama and her two boys Max and Julian. They live out in the country in a red cabin near a lake where birds sing and the fish are aplenty. It’s a warm summer evening and the three of them set out to go fishing. As the boys dig for worms, row the boat and try to hook a fish, they always ask their mom who is the best. Mama knows just how to answer them so that they feel uniquely special and dearly loved.

This board book has beautiful illustrations that look like paintings. They’re colorful and full of details that make the story even more real to children; they even feel like they are part of the story. This mama loves her two boys a lot and you can feel the genuine warmth throughout the story. Great for pre-schoolers.

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