Kid’s Travel Activity Prize Pk

Although big travel plans have currently come to an almost complete halt for everyone, families are still venturing out and traveling within their own country, province, or state. But, regardless of the distance, traveling with kids can be stressful and overwhelming. Everyone is excited at the onset, but kids can get bored very easily and quickly. “Are we there yet” can only be listened too so many times before you need to break out some fun, mind-absorbing, time-consuming activities for them. Planning ahead and getting a collection of various books and games will make the trip far more enjoyable. Here are a few fun finds for the kiddos.

Wow in the World: Think & Tinker Playbook

Wow in the World activity book

The Wow in the World Think and Tinker book is not only a brain teaser, it’s educational. Each page will feature a category and a question pertaining to it. There will three statements or answers to the question and kids will have to identify which one is true. Once they make their pondered and make a guess, they can turn the page to discover which fact was true and then learn the why and how behind the mind-blowing answer. Did you know there is a toilet museum in Japan? Did you know that researches have found a way to turn pee into electricity? Funny but true. Kids will have a blast discovering the science behind the brain-busting facts contained within these pages.

Mudpuppy Rocket Magnetic Build-It

Magnetic Rockets activity set

The Magnetic Rocket Ship Build-It is the perfect portable travel toy. Kids will enjoy hours of galactic fun with mix and match magnetics. All the pieces are contained in a decorative, hinged, space tin which doubles as the scenic backgrounds. The interior of the tin offers to Outerspace scenes where kids can attach their magnets. Included are 3 sheets of magnetic spacecraft pieces that kids can use to build their own spaceships. The pieces can be interchanged so kids can create a huge variety of unique rockets. It’s a quiet time activity parents and kids will appreciate.

Mudpuppy Puzzle To Go

Mudpuppy’s Outer Space Puzzle To Go is great for kids traveling by train, plane or motorhome. The puzzle includes 36 pieces packed in a handy travel-friendly drawstring pouch. The finished puzzle measures 12 x 9 inches – 30 cm x 22 cm and features a cool space scene young kids will love. A free postcard is also included.

Endangered Animals Search and Find

Endangered Animals activity book

The Endangered Animals activity book will help children develop a love and appreciation for all the animals on our planet. It focuses on 70 beautiful and marvelous creatures kids will enjoy reading about and be inspired to do something to help. The book is divided into 8 chapters and each one focuses on animals that live in specific areas of the world.

  • Rain Forest
  • Desert
  • Ocean
  • Savanna
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Polar
  • You Can Help

Each page will inform young readers about a species that is endangered of being extinct. Children will learn about their habitat, how climate changes affect them, pollution, conservation, and other challenges. Each environment and habitat includes tons of fascinating and interesting facts, a cool search-and-find scene, and tips on how our children, the next generation, can become Earth and animal steward and can make a difference on our planet.

How Cities Work Activity Book

How Cities Work Activity Book

Lonely Planets How Cities Book Activity Book is brimming with fun exercises and over 200 stickers. Kids will explore the inner working of what it takes to run a city and keep it organized. Each page features a city scene and includes one or more activities. Kids will be prompted by questions to search for the answers within the scene. Using their artistic skills, children can use markers to draw their own Cityline, make protest signs, find their way through a maze, create colorful graffiti, use the included stickers to create a busy city scene and so much more.

Plus, there are lots of interesting facts about a city’s environment from street cleaners to hospitals to ballparks to living in a high-rise building. Kids will also have a chance to create their own futuristic city and decorate it with their own tasteful flair. With 48 pages of activities and loads of stickers, there’s plenty of fun to be had!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.