Kids Travel Games and Books

Are we there yet? Traveling with kids can be overwhelming and challenging whether the distance traveled is short or extensive. Older kids who travel a lot may have developed a routine and prepare themselves for those long flights or road trips. But younger children have a shorter attention span and will need some fun and entertaining things to do to keep them occupied and from falling into the painful depths of boredom.

Every year Lonely Planet Kids and other book companies release new games, quiz books and sticker books that will make traveling so much more fun. Here are some of their newest titles that kids will enjoy.

Ultimate Travel Quiz Book

Ultimate Travel Quiz Book

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz Book if filled with 2000 easy to hard quiz questions that kids can challenge each other with. The book is divided into three main sections which include Day-Tripper (easy quizzes), Traveller (medium quizzes) and Explorer (hard quizzes). Each of these sections has a plethora of general knowledge quizzes and some specific topic quizzes which include sports, cities, space, museums, transport, mountains, islands, wildlife and many more.

The facts are interesting, informative and educational. Kids will not only have fun, but they will actually be learning something along the way. The book has a few images, but they are in black and white – so not much to visually stimulate readers. All the answers are at the back of the book for easy access or quick cheats. I’ll leave you with this quiz – The Chocolate Hills are a famous tourist attraction in what Southeast Asian country?

Sticker World Airport

Sticker World Airport

Lonely Planet Kids Sticker World Airport book is all about flight travel. From checking in to going through security to souvenir shops to boarding your plane, and everything in between, kids can create their ideal airport. Kids can explore different currencies, passports, the departure area, and meeting the pilot and flight attendants. The book comes with over 500 colorful stickers and plenty of space for kids to draw and color whatever their imagination inspires them to.

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings matching game

Butterfly Wings Matching Game is a great memory game that kids can play anytime. They’ll learn about 25 different gorgeous butterflies and what they look like with their wings expanded and when perched. From the Painted Lady to the Purple Emporer, kids will enjoy this fun and educational game. The images are beautifully illustrated and show all the delicate details of each butterfly.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.