Kids Truck Storybooks

Storybooks are a valuable resource for kids and parents. They foster curiosity, ignite vivid imaginations, hone concentration, improve focus and expand your child’s vocabulary. With that in mind, it’s fun to bring fresh new titles into your home for kids to enjoy.

Big Truck, Little Island

Big Truck Little Island storybook

Imagine a very big 20-ton truck with an oversized load being stuck on a tiny island. He’s blocking the only road in and out and the community comes to a standstill. Some have swim meets, some have dance lessons, and a dog who tried to make friends with a skunk needs a bath, but now there is a delay. And the lineup of cars is getting longer and tempers are getting hotter. What will they do? It will be a long time before the road is cleared and a solution is desperately needed. Thanks to some brainstorming, the kids from the various vehicles come up with the perfect solution.

This book has a lovely camaraderie spirit where the whole community looked for the best way to resolve this issue. The illustrations are beautiful and the whole story is written in a rhyming format that gives the story lots of bounce and fun energy. It’s a great rainy/snowy day read. For kids ages 3-7

Frank and Bean Food Truck Fiasco

Frank and Bean storybook

Bean has a food truck and he swings by to see his friend Frank. Frank is the quiet, yoga mat, tea-drinking sort. Whereas Bean is full of energy and creative ideas. Bean wants to enter his donuts full of zip and zing in the Food Truck Friday contest. Whoever makes the best food, wins! Frank does not like sweets but prefers plain oatmeal and he decides he will enter the contest as well. But, there is a problem, Mad Dog, who wins every year is going to be there and Bean is nervous. But, once Bean is set up at the event, no one comes to buy his donuts. Frank shows up with his plain oatmeal that no one really wants. But suddenly, something happens that changes both Bean’s donuts and Franks oatmeal! What could that be? secret code: sprinkles.

Kids will love the storyline and the cute characters. The illustrations are colorful, and captivating and encourage kids to read on. Ideal for kids aged 5 – 8 years.

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