Kid’s Valentine & Love Storybooks

Kids are naturally affectionate and express love a lot easier than adults. They don’t have all the emotional baggage that adults seem to enjoy lugging around year after year. And kids usually don’t let drama, anger, or grudges interfere with showing and expressing kindness, happiness, and forgiveness. If kids do get upset, they usually drop the attitude quickly and start playing nice again. But, it’s nice to have reminders that love is an emotion that makes everything better. And what better way to do this than through some Kid’s Valentine & Love Storybooks.

Storybooks capture kid’s attention and share a positive message that will inspire kids to emanate the same characteristics. Here are a few love inspired storybooks that are perfect not only for Valentine’s Day but for every day of the year.

Love Around the World

Love around the World

Love Around the World, Family and Friendship Across the Globe shares how love and friendship are shown and expressed around the planet. Through 32-pages of exquisitely illustrated pages, kids will learn about and explore different customs and ways of life. In Wales on January 25th, sweethearts give each other beautifully carved wooden spoons, called lovespoons. They can be embellished with names, dates, Celtic knots, horseshoes or even a lock of hair. They are given as tokens of love.

In Iran, love is a wall. People show kindness by hanging clothing on a wall for those in their community that are in need. In China, love is a lantern. In India, love is a pattern. In Mexico, love is a song. In Chile, love is a dance. As kids flip through the pages, they will the story behind the special affection of each country. All the stories are heartwarming and show that love, no matter where you live, is a universal language.

Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

Little Blue Truck's Valentine

The Little Blue Truck’s Valentine story is a delightful board book that shows how this little truck expressed his affection on Valentine’s Day. Beep, Beep! Blue was on his way to make special deliveries to all his farmyard friends with unique cards for each of them. Hen got an egg-shaped card, Pig got a pink heart card, Horse received a big red card with a horseshoe on it… and so on. Blue put a lot of thought into his cards because all his friends are dear and special to him. But wait, there is a special surprise at the back of the book. All the verses are written in an uplifting rhyming format and the illustrations are beautifully displayed with pretty scenes.

Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild

Love in the Wild is a board book that expresses love in all forms. Toddlers will love the cute illustrations and simple words that collectively show love. All the images are of different animals that live in the wild. And the text on one page will rhyme with the text on the next page. Small children will enjoy otters, squirrels, zebras, elephants, dolphins, flamingos, and more! It’s an enchanting book that shares how little things are acts of kindness and expressions of love!

Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine

Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine

Does your toddler eat, sleep, breathe, and have a strong affection for dinosaurs? Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine is a board book that shows kids that dinosaurs can love too. Tiny wants to show his best friend Pointy, how he means to him. So, he decides to make a Valentine card! Tiny has lots of big ideas and oodles of creative flow, but things don’t go as planned. But ultimately, he and Pointy realize that their friendship is the most important gift of all. It sends out a huge message to kids and it’s a lesson they will remember. The illustrations are adorable and the limited dialogue still gets the point across!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.