Knirps Umbrellas – Great Gift Idea!!

When considering fashionable accessories most people would not envision umbrellas. But with the demand for chic, designer, and voguish accessories,  Knirps Umbrellas is the perfect solution for the latest in umbrella fashion.

Knirp Marchesato Pocke Umbrella in Baroque Red

Whether you are looking for full size or compact folding umbrellas Knirps Umbrellas has a gorgeous selection that says style, trendy, and a la mode. Aside from appearance, Knirps Umbrellas are built with irrefutable quality and durability.

You’ve heard the expression “Don’t leave home without it”, well that’s how I feel about my umbrella, especially when traveling. I got the pleasure to review Knirps newest umbrella, the Knirps X1, the world’s smallest folding windproof umbrella. Perfect for traveling!!

  • The fabric is high-quality matte calendar microfibre material with outstanding water-repelling ability
  • Quick-drying – simply shake it out after use
  • The handle is made of a special soft-grip material
  • The frame is made of anodized aluminum with eight ribs. The two additional ribs on this hand-sized umbrella give it the stability other mini umbrellas lack
  • Wind-tunnel tested up to 88 km/h
  • Manual opening and closing with an innovative and secure runner which prevents fingers from being pinched, and which can be operated with ease in rain and cold
  • Perfectly packed in a water-repelling box the same color as the canopy.
  • Great gift idea

Knirp Umbrella Leopard Print

This little darling is constructed with great detail and design. The first thing you will notice is its sturdy exterior case with a strong flexible zipper. It also has a loop that can be attached to your belt, purse, tote, backpack or luggage. Inside the case, the umbrella is wrapped in a nylon sleeve to keep it compact. The case, sleeve, and umbrella all have the same print/color, mine has a gorgeous leopard print. Combined the three are still extremely lightweight.

The umbrella is made from a microfiber fabric and is Teflon coated. That means you just shake the water off the umbrella and it will dry pronto. I tried this out and it took less than 30 minutes to dry considering the standard umbrella can take hours.

Looking at my other umbrellas I see they only have 6 ribs, but the Knirps X1 has 8 ribs making it more stable in bad weather. It will stand up to 8o km winds. I live in Chinook country so the winds can get up to 100 km easily. We just wouldn’t consider taking an umbrella out on windy rainy days because it would destroy the umbrella. This feature is absolutely a bonus for my area.

It has a durable satin looking anodized aluminum frame, shaft, and post. The umbrella opens and closes smoothly with its secure runners so everyone’s fingers are safe. It has an obvious red button to press to close the umbrella. The handle grip is soft and comfortable to hold and it’s just the right size. So next time it rains I will not only be protected from the elements, I’ll be making a fashion statement with my trendy leopard print umbrella. It’s sleek, compact, and beautiful and it will be the perfect choice to take on my next vacation.

Check out the complete line of Knirps Umbrellas, they carry a huge variety of styles, colors, and prints for men, women, and children. What a great gift idea!

Disclaimer:  I received a product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own yours may differ.