Knitting and Crocheting Calendars

Calendars are one of those things I neglect to pick up until the very last minute. You know you’ve left it too late when all that is left are golf course links calendars or those painfully boring bank calendars. You want the images to at least to be charming and pleasant to look at, right? This year I found several ideal calendars that will not only keep you on track, but they share lots of different patterns. If you’re a crafter or know someone who is, you’ll appreciate some new patterns to make throughout the year. Check them out!

Knitting 2019 Calendar

The Knitting 2019 Calendar includes over 100 patterns, plus 12 interesting projects to create at your leisure. If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy perusing all the patterns and choosing the ones that resonate with you. The first few sheets of the calendar share some necessary information — Abbreviations, a detailed Index, Skill Level, and Yarn Weight. The index card is a great reference, it’s divided into categories so it’s easy to find a specific pattern whether is headbands, home decor or holiday items. The patterns are spread over two or three days, not daily.

All the patterns are easy to make and share a photo so you can see the end results. The patterns are not necessarily seasonally specific, but the months are color-coded. I knit all year round, so for me, it’s natural to see a sweater pattern in June. Some of the patterns are simple enough for a single page of instructions, others are printed on two or more pages. But, the image is shown on each page so you know at a glance they belong together. Some of the patterns include hats, headbands, mitts, blankets, and lots of scarves. I found many patterns that I’ll be making during 2019, so it’ll be a productive year. The calendar can be hung on the wall, or mounted on a desk. Available on Amazon.

Crochet 2019 Calendar

The Crochet 2019 calendar also has 100 patterns plus 12 bonus projects. It’s laid out exactly the same as the knitting calendar starting with Abbreviations, a detailed Index, Skill Level and Yarn Weight. The index card is divided into categories so you can spot what you’re looking for quickly. The patterns are also spread over 2 or 3 days, so you’ll have about 2 new projects to do each week. Each pattern has a clear color image, yarn weight, skill level and easy to follow instructions.

A friend is going to have a baby any day now, so I quickly whipped up the Shells Baby Sweater from the March 6 and 7th pattern. Great for beginners looking to learn a few more stitches.

I happen to be addicted to crocheting, so I’m completely invested in making many of the included patterns. Some patterns included are toys, hats, totes, coasters, dolls, doilies, and several afghans to new name a few. If you like cowls, which are very trendy right now, there are eighteen different projects to make. There is something for everyone. Like the Knit Calendar, this one can also be hung on the wall or mounted on a desk. Available on Amazon.

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