Knitting and Quilling Books

Some of the nicest gifts I ever got over the years has been something handmade. When someone takes the time and thoughtfulness to make a handcraft, it always appreciated. Because I’m addicted to knitting and crocheting, I enjoy making a lot of my holiday gifts. Aside from making items for family and friends, I’m also thankful for the many craft books that offer delightful patterns. Very often I will also gift the book I created the pattern from if the recipient is a crafter.

I personally enjoy making baby items. They’re adorable and you can usually make them fairly quickly. I recently made a whole bunch of different holiday slippers that I donated to the hospital. They were crocheted so I made them in no time. I don’t have a lot of knitted patterns for baby slippers so I was really happy to receive Classic Kicks For Little Feet.

Knitted Baby Shoes

Classic Kicks For Little Feet features 16 knitted shoe styles for babies under one year of age. In a word, they’re precious. Following a pattern is one thing, but to have the genius to create these patterns in something else. The shoes are so cute my cheeks hurt.

The shoe styles are broken down into four classes, For Tiny Dancers, The Big Outdoors, Eye Catchers, and Summer Sun Sandals. There are four different patterns in each group, and they are fashioned after real adult shoes.

To get you started, the beginning of the book features what type of yarn to use and offers some substitutions. There is also a yarn weight chart, so you can discern the standard gauge and suggested needle sizes. There are only three different sizes offered, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-9 months. Each shoe is only created in one size, but if you want a larger size of the same shoe, it’s suggested you use larger needles or heavier yarn and vice versa if you want a smaller size.

Each pattern has a full-color page showing the shoe and the age of baby the pattern is made for. One thing each pattern has in common is the sole. Each shoe is created using the same sole which makes it so much simpler to master the pattern. After the sole, each pattern takes a life of its own and becomes Mary Janes, Snow Boots, Basketball Shoes, Canvas Shoes, Sneakers, Espadrilles and many more. The instructions are easy to follow and you can use up a lot of smaller balls of yarn. They’re great gift ideas.

30 Festive Projects

Quilled Christmas craft book

The beauty of Paper Quilling has caught my eye for quite a while now. It’s a craft that uses thin strips of paper to create some of the most intricate works of art. Quilled Christmas features 30 different festive projects to create for the holiday season. The contents are divided into categories, Home Decor, Ornaments & Stocking Stuffers, and Greeting Cards & Gift Packaging.

No craft can be learned until you master the basics, which is covered at the beginning of the book. You’ll learn what material you’ll need from paper, embellishments to findings. Specific tools are required and a basic list and images are provided. Then an abundance of tips and techniques are shared from gluing basics to looping to beehive swirls to dome and cones. There is also a page that shows all the different Basic Quilled Shapes and all the Basic Quilled Scrolls. You will use a number of these to create the featured 30 projects.

Each project details what you will need, what shapes you will be creating, what template you will be using, and what techniques you’ll be applying. Then there are step-by-step instructions, including graphs, charts, and layouts to walk you through the process until you complete your desired craft.

As I peruse through the book, the craftsmanship on each project is stellar. The Hanging Christmas Wreath is gorgeous and would be lovely hanging on a door or in a window. The Heart and Teardrop Snowflake Ornaments are so delicate and decorated with sparkling rhinestones. They would adorn a Christmas tree beautifully. The Poinsettia Pin is a stunning piece of jewelry and it shouts holiday season. There are so many festive projects to make and each one is so exquisite. If you’re new to Quilling or just what more patterns, then these books will fill your needs. It will make the holiday season so merry.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.