Knitting Books for Beginners and Pros

Although I knit all year round, with autumn approaching, I’m more eager to start a bunch of winter and holiday projects. It’s exciting to peruse all my patterns and pick out different yarns to make several wearables. But I also like to find new patterns that inspire me which can be either easy or challenging. My two newest knitting books will delight both beginner and experienced knitters.

Knitty Gritty

Knitty Gritty knitting pattern book

Knitty Gritty is a beautiful knitting book for beginners. I was very fortunate enough to learn to knit when I was really young. My mother had a yarn store for many years and I practically lived in it. But, not everyone is lucky enough to have a teacher to show them how to cast on, knit, purl and learn the basics of knitting. Knitty Gritty will be your tutor and show you the ropes and walk you through the basics of knitting.

The beginning of the book features all the how-to workshops from all the tools you’ll need – to casting on – to knitting your first stitch – to knitting row – to casting off and so much more. You’ll also find further workshops scattered throughout the book as you learn stitches and techniques along the way. Each section has colored photo tutorials to follow, along with Handy Hints and Knitter Notes. The rest of the book will have you making your very first project. Some of these include Baby Booties, Hats with pom-poms, Cardigan, Mittens, and a Girly Scarf. Nitty Gritty is well laid out and the instructions are so easy to follow. It’s a great book for those inquisitive about this handmade craft.

Socks From Around Norway

Socks from Norway knitting patterns

Socks From Around Norway features over 40 different traditional sock knitting patterns inspired by Norwegian folk art. Their folk art patterns are decorative, with details ranging from simple to ornate. This book is not only sharing these patterns, specific to Norway, but preserving them for future generations.

The beginning of the book share what types of yarn and reinforcing thread you will need, along with abbreviations, sizing and how to do Entrelac. You’ll also learn different ways to make heels and shape them to different-sized heels. Plus you’ll also learn two ways to shape toes. The rest of the book goes right into the stunning Norweigan patterns. Each pattern has written instructions, a colored photo and a graph to follow. I find I knit faster with a graph, so I tend to use these more. I always make an enlarged photocopy of the graphs so I can see the design easier.

Many of the patterns don’t have a name per se but herald where they originate or the year they were created. Some of these include Stockings from 1868, Larvik Socks, Socks from Nordmøre, Bridegroom’s Socks from Vindafjord and Entrelac Stockings from Helgeland. All the patterns are beautiful. Some require more skill than others, but as you hone your craft, you’ll find how easy it is to pick up this joyful art

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.