Knitting Books – Perfect for the Holiday Season!

With more home time, people are embracing the creative and crafty side and picking up knitting. Knitting is a constructive, fun and super relaxing pastime. And more and more people of all ages… including men, are picking up a pair of needles and yarn and learning to create wearables for their families. I’ve been knitting since I was a young child and my passion just grows stronger each year. The holidays are the perfect time to make knitted gifts for loved ones and I have two new craft books that will give you some inspiration.

With the holiday season pressing upon us, the Knit In a Day craft book is perfect. It offers 40 cozy Quick Knits that take three hours or less to complete.

Knit in a Day pattern book

Kids will be kids and they have a propensity to lose their winter accessories often so you need to make replacements. Or maybe you forgot your friend’s birthday and need to whip up a quick gift. Having some quick and easy-to-make patterns is the solution. Included in this craft book are some of the prettiest patterns that would also make awesome holiday gifts. These include cowls, headbands, scarves, beanies, hats, mitts, shawlette, cuffs and so much more.

Each pattern features one full-color photo or more, along with easy-to-read instructions. They do not rate the patterns by skill level, but you would need to know basic and some intermediate knitting stitches.

Knitting is no longer deemed an old person’s craft. New generations of crafters are embracing knitting and taking this craft to new heights. The Knit Generation pattern book will reveal 15 hot and trendy patterns that will inspire you to create warm and cozy wearables.

The Knit Generation pattern book

When we pick up a knitting pattern book, we want to see fresh and creative patterns and up-to-date fashions. The Knit Generation offers some cool styles with fun textures, stitch combinations, and current colors. Enjoy making hats, gloves, socks, scarves, shawls, carpets, headbands, and more. The back of the book shares some techniques, including the Kitchener stitch. Each pattern features one or more full-color photos, charts and keys if needed and easy-to-follow written instructions.

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