Knitting & Crocheting Craft Books

The cooler months encourage crafters to bring out their yarn and create wearable gifts for their family and friends. I personally have several projects going all the time year-round, but I seem to do more during the holiday season. Although I have copious craft books that could potentially fill a small library, I never stop looking for new ideas and patterns. As Christmas is approaching, I also look for books that I can give my crafty friends as gifts. I recently got two new craft books with knitting and crocheting projects from Schiffer Publishing and I’m happy to add them to my creative books collection. I also look for books that I can give my crafty friends as gifts.

Knitting and Crocheting

Basic Knitting and Crocheting for Today’s Woman is filled with 14 easy to make patterns. As knitting and crochet are very relaxing and mindful, these patterns are designed to put you in a tranquil space as you wind down from a hectic day. All the patterns are zen-inspired and the designer works with colors that have a soothing and restful effect on the mind, body and spirit. Colors have energy and can impact our mood and behavior. Warm colors evoke joy, happiness, and positive energy. Violet is meditative, green is soothing, blue is relaxation, pink is healing and so on. Did you know that red can encourage your appetite?

All the patterns are made with simple and basic knitting and crocheting stitches, but you would have to be familiar with them as there is no how-to stitch guide. But, the written instructions are clear and super easy to follow. Some of the projects you can create include throws, wrist warmers, baby blankets, scarves, and more.

Patchwork Knitting

The Patchwork Knitting craft book includes 18 easy to make knitting and crocheting projects. As the name implies, all the projects are made with one or more colors and textures of yarn that offer striking visual effects when completed. The book begins with detailed how-to information and tips that are essential for you to create the included projects.

  • Basic and General Tips
  • Course in Slippers
  • Wonderfully Comfortable
  • Softly Wrapped
  • Colorfully Framed
  • Warmly Recommended
  • Cool on Hot Days
  • Chic Sun Protection
  • Summer Hit in White
  • Favorite Fleece Piece
  • Quick-Change Artist
  • Casual City Look
  • Eyecatcher in Red
  • Perfect Companion
  • Slim Silhouette
  • Simply Slip in!
  • Everyone Wants Them
  • Something Fits in!
  • Beginner Easy
  • Warm & Decorative
  • Basic Course in Knitting
  • Basic Course in Crocheting

Each pattern is featured with a full-color photo and easy to understand written instructions. They will also have knit charts, graphs, diagrams, and colorful illustrative graphics to guide you as you follow along. Some of the projects you can make include ponchos, shrugs, hats, scarves, jackets and more. The back of the book shares some very basic knitting and crocheting stitches you’ll need to complete the included wearables. Whether you are a newbie or experienced knitter and crocheter, you’ll enjoy the variety of patterns and the diversity of interchanging designs. It would also make a great gift for your favorite crafters.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary books to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.