Kroma BPA Free iPhone Cases

Cell phones are not just a communication device or camera, they are an essential tool in today’s hi-tech world. Leaving home without these appendages can strike fear into our very soul and leave us feeling lost, naked and vulnerable. Heard of Nomophobia — it’s quite real! Because we have such an intimate connection with our cell phones, we treat them like treasured family members, like our ubiquitous BPF – Best Phone Forever, and give considerable thought to accessorizing them. There are oodles of cell phone skins on the market, but they better make way for a new eco-company on the block, Kroma. They offer food-grade, BPA free iPhone cases and they are stunning. Is your iPhone case safe? Is it BPA free?

Kroma BPA Free iPhone Cases

Kroma BPA Free iPhone Case

Kroma is aware of the serious dangers of an industrial chemical called BPA – Bisphenol A, which is in most plastic products. BPA exposure has been linked to an enormous amount of health concerns from fertility and embryo development to hormone disruption to obesity to arthritis to insomnia to erratic heart rates and the list goes on. Knowing this, we would not consciously put ourselves or our family in danger by using products that condone BPA use.

Babies instinctively put everything in their mouths, including cell phone cases. Little kids are tech-savvy and can be holding a cell phone for long periods of playing games. What about pets, they are not particularly fussy about what they nosh or chew on. Plus, we spend endless hours on our iPhones texting, snap chatting, or maybe doing some online shopping or banking. That’s why I love Kroma, their cases are safe for the whole family to use. They are 100% free of chemicals and various metals that are potentially toxic to humans and animals, such as BPA, BPS, BPF, phthalates, lead, and mercury.

Kroma cases are powered by RhinoShield, renowned for providing maximum impact protection with a minimalist footprint.

Impact Protection

One of the biggest cell phone issues is drop protection. How many of you have dropped your new iPhone, only to suffer shattered Gorilla glass? It’s quite common and costly to replace. Or maybe your clumsy and you chipped some corners or completely destroyed your iPhone altogether? It’s heartbreaking!

Reality check, not all cell phone cases are worth the money you paid for them. Kroma uses its trademark ShockSpread Material that is super tough yet pliant enough to bounce and offer some give. The frames have a raised lip so it covers all drop angles, and their cases provide incredible impact protection. Made from durable material, they far exceed the US military drop-test standard (MIL-STD 810G), and can absorb at least 11 feet (3.5 meters) of impact. The Kroma cases would certainly tolerate everyday use and abuse. Although I have not tried the drop test, their video offers reassurance that should my iPhone drop, it would have a great chance of surviving the fall.

Style For Everyone

Kroma BPA Free iPhone Case

Kroma has a diverse selection of attractive iPhone cases to choose from; there is a style or pattern for all personalities. They’re edgy, artsy, transparent, and have got a trendy vibe — I want them all. They also have 3 different colored frames, white, pink, and black.

You can mix and match frames with any backplate from their four groups, Classic Prints, Floral Textures, Folk Flavors and Ribbons and Bow, to create the perfect persona you’re going for. I chose a white and black frame along with several prints and patterns that appealed to me.

Kroma BPA Free iPhone Cases

Each backplate comes in a secure package with user instructions on the back for both installing and changing the plates. Once your frame is on, it’s super easy to switch backplates to suit your mood, creative expression or your outfit. Go wild, be fickle, and change your backplate every day!

The cases are lightweight, easy to grip, and have a nice smooth texture. I like that you can remove the plates and wash off any sticky fingerprints and dirt that adhere to the surface. Plus —here’s a biggy —they fit perfectly. You can access and press all your buttons without any hindrance. I’ve bought other cell phone cases that don’t meet the mark.

The only thing I wish they had was a buffer between the plate and the phone. My old cell phone case had a strip of foam that added some cushion and it felt nice to hold as well. But, being the Kroma plates are transparent, any padding would be exposed and ruin the effect of the print or pattern.

All in all, I think the Kroma cases are fantastic and can’t wait to see if they come out with some new designs. A frame and plate will run you $40, and any additional plates are only $15 each. If you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone case, swing by Kroma and use the Code: PausitiveLiving to get 10% off! You’ll love them!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all views and opinions are mine. Your’s may differ.