Kuru Footwear Review

There is nothing more irritating or exasperating than having to deal with chronic foot pain especially when it’s due to inferior footwear. I have bought lots of shoes that promise you slipper-soft comfort only to be let down and disheartened by the blisters I acquired.

Kuru Footwear has designed a smarter product with the whole purpose of being the world’s most comfortable shoes. How do they do this? With Kuru-technology. Their experts have designed the awesome kurusole which cradles your heels and adapts to the shape of your foot right from the moment you put them on. Their insoles give you the ultimate in arch support and superior shock absorption. Combine all these attributes and you have a shoe that promises all-day wear.

kuru chicane purple

Reasons you’ll love the Chicane:

  • Better Fit – proprietary asymmetric tongue design follows the top-line of the foot for a better, more adjustable fit
  • Integrated Heel & Arch Support – innovative insole includes a varus wedge with seamless arch support for an incredibly healthy stride
  • Durable rand for stability and abrasion resistance
  • Protection from the Elements – Fully gusseted tongue keeps debris, water, and dust out of your shoes
  • Secure Laces – kRib Lacing System wraps the webbing around the foot for a sock-like fit
  • Amazingly Comfortable – anatomical KuruSole™ midsole chassis gives all-day comfort for the trail
  • Breathable – moisture-wicking liners
  • Good Grip – high-grade, rubber cupsole outsole construction offers large lugs for excellent traction and long life (non-marking)
  • Nature’s Cushioning – orthotic HeelKradl™ in footbed cups your heel as nature intended
  • Nubuck Leather Uppers – Nubuck finish leathers for superior comfort and durability along with luxurious, full-grain nubuck leather uppers (Riveter Black) for superior fit
  • Mesh Uppers – (Black/Heliotrope) Mesh upper for improved breathability and warm-weather performance

I have high arches and will often feel pain or a burning sensation if I don’t have proper support. With any footwear, the insoles are the soul, the heart of the shoe and its shape and design will determine how comfortable your feet are going to be. I got to test drive a pair of Kuru Chicane Trailing Walking shoes and see for myself if they really are comfortable.

Kuru chicane trail walking shoes
Normally when I get a new pair of shoes, I have to wear them around the house and use them on my treadmill for several days to break them in. With the Kuru Chicane, you are ready for your run with the first wearing, literally straight out of the box. They are so incredibly comfortable. As soon as I put them on I could feel the soft, spongy support of the insoles. It’s an amazing feeling to be in that much comfort.

I walk and hike a lot, so I need shoes that offer support, durability, and comfort. The Kuru shoes check off all my boxes, and I could not be any happier. Honestly, you will feel like you are walking on cushions, that is how comforting these rock stars are.

The Chicane shoes are well made. They have an asymmetrical tongue that fits nicely along your foot. I’ve had tongues in other shoes that just will not stay in place, but the Chicane tongue does. The rand is abrasion resistant so they will last longer and keep its stunning appearance. The outsole has fabulous traction so you can pick up your pace without fear of slipping or twisting your ankle. The Kuru shoes do not chafe or cut off your circulation; they have ample room for even wide feet make them ideal even for diabetic feet.

I’ve used pricey orthotics for many years, and they are not as comfortable as the Kuru shoe insoles. That says a lot. For me, they’ve lived up to their promise for long and comfortable wearing. I also love all the color combinations they come in. They look fabulous with your running gear or jeans. They are a big relief to wear, and I love them!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post. I was provided with a product for review purposes only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.