Lazy Hazy Kid’s Summer Reads

I love to read and have hundreds of books in my home featuring a plethora of interesting subjects. I also have a small library of delightful kid’s books for little family members that enjoy reading a story or three. Keeping kids interested in reading during the summer though can be challenging. There are so many fun activities outside that grab their undivided attention, that books and reading are almost completely off their fun radar.

Adding a big pile of new colorful and interactive summer reads to your library is going to pique kids’ interest and capture their attention. I put a big bunch of new books on my coffee table and surprisingly, it generated lots of interest and in no time two little kiddos were sitting quietly perusing and reading the books. Success! Here are a few summer reads you may want to consider adding to your kid’s library.

If The Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits

In the land of fairytales, we all have our favorite princess. Who is yours? Kids love them for a number of reasons: they’re beautiful, graceful, have redeeming qualities, and have a compelling story. Remember the tale of a princess who wore glass slippers? Uh-huh, most of us do. But have you ever wondered who made those glass slippers and what’s the story behind them? Of course not because, why would you? After all the princess is the one kids love reading about. Well in the story, If The Shoe Fits, the shoemaker is the main character.

You see, the shoemaker, Murray, has a humble shop, and early one morning he was awoken by a commotion downstairs. It was a large fairy who needed a pair of shoes, but not any shoes. They must be rare, light, and transparent as air. Well, the shoemaker had a pair of made of glass that enchanted the fairy. You remember the rest of the story, yadda, yadda, and they all lived happily ever after. Nope, not quite. You see Mona, who works for the shoemaker and whom he happens to love, heard that the prince is looking for the maiden who can fit the glass slipper left behind at the ball. Once learning that the very person she works for made them, she convinced him to make a pair in size 9. The prince found her and they live happily ever after! Nope, not quite.

This fractured fairytale puts a fun twist on the original story that kids will love. You may be surprised by the ending. The illustrations are some of the best I’ve seen; they are absolutely beautiful. Kids will enjoy reading this story for a long time.

Fen’s Drop of Gray

Fen's drop of gray

Fen is a young, little hedgehog who adores painting. She takes her treasured paint set everywhere she goes and loves to create colorful works of art. It makes her so happy and proud when her mom puts her art on the fridge. But, one day a tear fell from her eye and into her paint set and it splashed her new painting. Everything started to turn gray and it made little Fen sad and withdrawn. All the colors of the world inside and outside her home had disappeared and turned gray. She didn’t want to paint or even go outside anymore. But, with the help of Mom and a new paint set, she was able to come out of her funk and enjoy painting again. Fen’s Drop of Gray is a gentle story about childhood depression and how parents can help them not only cope, but find utter joy in life. The artwork is endearing and will captivate every kid’s attention.

Love is Everything

Love is Everything

Love is Everything is a cheerful story about two little bears who believe in everything positive and joyful. I’m a firm believer that you attract what you think. If you keep your mind filled with optimistic, confident, and cheerful thoughts, you will experience those very things in your life.

The little bears believe in everything good and true, in the morning and night, and in doing what’s right. They believe in mountains and trees and birds riding a summer breeze. They found beautiful things to believe in everywhere they went. Importantly, they believe in love and each other. The artwork is so precious and has a bright and cheerful watercolor vibe. I love this book. It’s perfect for smaller kids to learn and experience that love is all around them. It’s summer reads at its best.

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