LEGO Bedtime Builds and Ideas

When I say the word LEGO, you immediately envision colorful interlocking plastic bricks of various shapes and sizes. LEGO has been entertaining children and adults for 87 years now and they are still going strong. Plus, they are continually coming up with new bricks, accessories, and fresh ideas for blossoming minds.

Although LEGO is deemed a toy, there are those who take their LEGO very seriously. Competitions, challenges, and tournaments are held worldwide where teams of kids and adults are inspired to come up with innovative and problem-solving creations. But at home, there is no pressure. Kids can relax, play, and enjoy the art of LEGO while exploring their imaginative possibilities. If your family is hooked on LEGO, DK Books has a unique collection of books and kits that allow them to jumpstart their creations and expand their vision.

LEGO The Book of Bedtime Builds

The LEGO Book of Bedtime Builds is a kit and a storybook in one. It’s unique in that it comes with bricks and accessories to make 8 different projects interchangeably that relate to the 8 included stories. Kids will have a blast creating the characters or objects from each story.

The book features 8 adventurous stories:
* The Magic Castle
* The Bird Who Couldn’t Fly
* The Rogue Robot
* The Treasure Hunt
* Dinosaur’s Day Out
* The Race Through Space
*Simon Takes a Bow
* Scaredy-Spider Can’t Sleep

Each story in the book has two chapters, one with instructions on how to build one object from the story, and the other is the actual story itself. The how-to instructions are visually pleasing and easy to follow even if kids can’t read yet. They show the color and size of the bricks and their step-by-step placement. Once they make the LEGO toy and read the story, they can disassemble the bricks and create the next mini-model for the following tale.

The once-upon-a-time fairytales are enchanting with just enough storyline for little kids to comprehend. At the end of each story, there is a data box with several questions that will give more wiggle room for kids to inflate the story with their vivid imaginations. It’s a great kit for family activity time and a bedtime bonding experience.


The LEGO IDEAS Book, Unlock Your Imagination is filled with over 500 creative ideas for making impressive projects with your LEGO blocks and accessories. The possibilities are endless. The book starts off with an Introduction and Brick Tips, then is divided into six themes:

* Planes, Trains & Automobiles
* Town & Country
* Out of this World
* In Days of Old
* A World of Adventure
* Make & Keep

Each LEGO idea includes a Buiding Brief that is summed up in four areas: Objective, Use, Features, and Extras. Each one comes with full-color photos along with a basic template and tips so you can recreate them. Some of the main projects require certain blocks that you may not have, like Technic pieces. But, no worries, you’ll be provided with simplified options with the alternative model. You can still achieve the same look but with some modifications.

Some of the innovative ideas include Monster Trucks, Helicopter, Country Barn, Drawbridges, Dragons, Wild Animals, Classic Board Games and so much more. Families will spend hours and hours of fun recreating awe-inspiring LEGO art. This book is a must-have if you are love constructing with LEGO.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.