LEGO Ideas & Ninja Missions

As our children grow, we notice the innate talents and natural abilities of each of them. Some kids just seem to be more creative and easily inspired, while others may struggle a little to find their vision or passion. But that doesn’t mean these children cannot develop artistic skills. Often it’s a book, a kit, an object, an activity, or maybe an idea that will flicker or spark a child’s creative genius to flow. As parents, it’s only natural to find and use resources that will nurture, cultivate, and foster creativity in our kids. Some of the best influences are interactive toys that kids can manipulate into masterpieces. To many, that means exposing our kids to LEGO.

LEGO is a leader when it comes to inspiring creativity in children. They are continually come up with innovative books, kits, and pieces that evoke hidden talents and imaginativeness. Here are two new LEGO releases that kids will treasure as they explore and express their artistic skills.

LEGO 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks

The LEGO 365 Things To Do With LEGO Bricks book is loaded with new and exciting ways to play with their colorful bricks. Just when you thought you’ve seen all that can be constructed with LEGO bricks, you crack open this book and you are immediately energized, encouraged, and exhilarated to assemble a showpiece. The book is divided into 25 different activity chapters and comes with an activity selector and timer.

  • Animals & Other Creatures
  • Tricks and Pranks
  • Creepy Things
  • For Sports Lovers
  • Multi-Player Games
  • One-Player Games
  • Group Challenges
  • Solo Challenges
  • Stylish Storage
  • Festive Fun
  • Party Planning
  • Brighten Up Your Desk
  • Discover LEGO Bricks
  • Give a Gift
  • How-Tos
  • Get Arty
  • Make a Display
  • Puzzles and Brainteasers
  • Put on a Show
  • Build in Micro-Scale
  • Be Organized
  • Fun Things to do w/ Minifigures
  • Get Snap Happy
  • Make it all About You
  • On the Movie

The onset of the book 👀 will get kids organized and offer suggestions reflective of their time, bricks they have, if they are by themselves, what mood they are in and so much more. The next few chapters offer tips, techniques, and advice kids can brush up on before creating their projects. The rest of the chapters hone in on making fun, ingenious creations. Each project has full-color photos along with some directions and tips on special brick use.

Some of the things kids can make include a totem pole, microphone, castle, bowling alley, fishing hole, pirate scene, birds, animals, easel, chess set, ships, weather vane, jewelry tree, vehicles, stained glass window and so much more. To amp up the fun, use the included Activity Selector and Timer and see how quickly you can make a random project, or challenge your family and friends. The adventures are endless.

LEGO Ninjago Mission

The cool thing about a LEGO kit is that they can come with a combination of LEGO mini-figure, bricks, or other pieces and a book filled with action-packed ideas. The Ninjago – Choose Your Ninja Mission allows kids to explore more than 40 different missions and possible endings. Did you know that way back in Feudal Japan, a ninja was deemed dishonorable mercenaries because of their deception, surprise attacks, espionage, and other dark arts and warfare methods? They don’t sound like a positive role model, but today, this class is looked upon as a martial art practiced in a dojo.

With the Ninjago – Choose Your Ninja Mission kits, kids can be their own ninja and prepare themselves mentally and physically for the undertakings ahead. Your starting point will determine your journey, choose either a Ninja Trial or Time For Training. From this launching point, each mission will take you in a different direction reflective of your choices. You will see two choices on each page that will take you to the next stage of your mission.

Kids will also learn Ninja Facts and be able to peruse data files. The illustrations are vivid and captivating and will inspire young ninjas to not only carry on with their mission, but duplicate the LEGO character, vehicle, or craft. Kids will also be encouraged to build landscapes and objects that are part of their covert mission. Once you finish a mission or choose to opt out, you can return to the starting point and embrace a new mission. This kit is a perfect summer activity where kids will enjoy countless adventures and hours of entertainment.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.