LEGO Star Wars Encyclopedia & Dictionary

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… the Star Wars saga began. And the world became mesmerized, captivated, and stricken with incessant infatuation. Star Wars became alive, it became its own entity. Decades later it’s still loved, idolized, and valued as one of the most epic collections of galactic adventures. Movies, books, and toys hit the market and we eagerly collected them. Then Star Wars and LEGO joined forces. It was the next obvious and natural expansion to combine both worlds. For 20 years now, kids have been able to build their favorite Star Wars scenes with the popular LEGO building bricks. And they are always looking for new ideas and creative inspiration. DK Books carries a collection of LEGO kits and books and here are two of their newest releases.

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary

Star Wars Lego visual dictionary

The LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, New Edition has been updated to include new figures and features from the Rise of the First Order. It comes with one mini-figure and a plethora of action-packed movie-accurate details and ideas. The book is divided into 5 chapters.

Originally published in 2009, it has been lovingly revised and expanded into the 21st century. This visual dictionary starts off with the history and growth of LEGO Starwars over the last 20 years. The improvements and details added over the years to their bricks and Star Wars characters are remarkable.

Each chapter highlights the races, droids, characters, vehicles, and animals of that time with full-color photos, interesting profiles, the number of LEGO pieces need to recreate it, plus other details. Each section has data boxes and data files that share interesting facts as well. Learn fine points about the Jedi Order, Separatist Army, Imperial Leaders, Rebel Alliance, Rogue Heroes, Echo Base and so much more. Kids can get insight into building the Death Star, an Imperial Transporter, or recreate an Ewok Tree Village. The back of the books features the design team and a look behind their creations. There are endless possibilities.

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

The LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia shares updated information about all the 200 + characters, be they human, alien, or droid. Plus, this book comes with a mini Darth Maul figure and weapon. Divided into 13 chapters, you’ll discover new characters and learn more about your favorites.

As you peruse each of the chapters you’ll glean more insight into the various characters. There are lots of full-color photos and data boxes filled with fan-favorite and LEGO information. Did you know that droids can be promoted? C3PO was promoted to lieutenant in the rebel army for his exceptional work. Ever hear of Zeb Orrelios? He’s a fierce purple rebel alien, intent on destroying the Empire as they wiped out most of his race.

Remember the magicians playing at the Mos Eisley Cantina? Ever wonder who they are? Learn about Figrin D’ an and his band the Modal Nodes. Or what about the Gamorrean guards Jabba the Hutt uses to fulfill his ruthless demands. Did you know that two variants of these characters were created by LEGO? What about Rio Durant? He’s a six-limbed creature from Ardennian and is an excellent pilot. Kids and adult fans will spend hours learning about all the Star Wars characters to date. It’s a great addition to anyone Star Wars collection. May the force be with you!

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