LEGO Stationery

Lots of kids grew up with LEGO bricks and enjoyed using their imagination to create characters, vehicles, landscapes, and more, brick by brick. When LEGO expanded into unique sets, kids just had to have them, so their collection grew bigger and bigger. Today, most of them still have a box or two of LEGO pieces they’ve handed down to their kids. But if you are a true-blue LEGO fan, that doesn’t mean you have to leave them behind just because you’ve become an adult. You’ll be please to learn that LEGO has widened its inventory to include stationery, inspirational photography books, and puzzles. And they are so much fun!

LEGO Postcards


The LEGO Still Life is a collection of 100 postcards that features 50 images of LEGO works of art. It’s amazing what you can create with small pieces of LEGO and now they are captured in postcards. These include everyday objects from balloons to a French coffee press to a gumball machine to baked goods to potted plants to a bouquet.

Today, with the restrictions on physical connections due to COVID, just think how nice it would be to send a friend or family member a cherished note. A physical note that reminds them that they are still important. The cards measure 4 3/8 x 6 1/4 x 2 1/2-inch and come in a hinged keepsake box that can be used for LEGO pieces.

LEGO Note Bricks

note bricks

The LEGO Note Bricks will add some fun and cheer to your home or office. Whether you are taking a phone message, jotting down an address, or writing a grocery list, these little note bricks will prove useful. The LEGO Note Bricks come with 224 note sheets in a reusable, sturdy, textured keepsake box. The cards measure 3 1/8 x 5 x 11/2 inches fo they’re the ideal size for jotting down important details. One side has a lego pattern and the other side is blank, but you could easily write on both sides. They come in two color palettes, Blue-Green and Yellow-Orange.

LEGO Notebooks

Love LEGO? Love journaling? The LEGO Notebook sports a block textured surface on the front and back. The front has cool blue and green shades and the back has the warm yellow and orange tones. The notebook has 144 lined pages and each is adorned with a small iconic brick at the bottom. This hardcover notebook measures 7 x 9 inches so it’s perfect for penning your ponderings at home or on the go. Journaling is good for the soul and this nostalgic cover just makes it more inviting.

LEGO Brick Erasers

To error is human! And to correct our mistakes, LEGO has created fun brick erasers. The set comes with 8 textured erasers in four traditional colors. The erasers are the size of a typical LEGO brick and come with the realistic studs. Kids and adults will love them. While we may enjoy life to the fullest, we will still make mistakes along the way and LEGO erasers are here to make them go away. Make a statement at school, work, and at home with these fun LEGO erasers.

LEGO Paint Party Puzzle

The LEGO Paint Party Puzzle offers hours of colorful fun. This 1000-piece puzzle features paint cans full of vivid colored LEGO pieces. Puzzles are great for family fun activities, and kids of all ages can pitch in and help. Plus they’re calming, improve moods and memory, increase IQs, lower stress, and are so much fun to put together. Challenge your skills and your families with this brand inspired jigsaw.

LEGO Still Life with Bricks

The LEGO Still Life with Bricks book features the art created just by using the plethora of their bricks. Using a profusion of different colors and shapes of bricks, artists have created everyday items. From ties to jewelry to food to insects to drinks to balloons and so much more, you will be inspired to dig out your LEGO bricks and start creating your own masterpieces.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.