Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

As we age, the radiance and freshness of our once-youthful skin slowly diminish. Those fine lines and wrinkles seem to manifest overnight. The key is to age gracefully, and certain factors influence our skin’s condition; there are diet, environment and of course skin care products. Using pure and gentle products, especially on our face, will ensure we prevent premature aging and maintain healthy skin. A company that I’ve always admired is Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care grows its own organic ingredients to create products that are the purest mother nature can offer. They are 100% organic, cruelty-free, chemical-free, and dew fresh. I don’t know of any other company that has such devotion to creating the best skin care products for our benefit. Impressive!

Lily Farm carries product lines for all skin types, for me that would be anti-aging. I received a few of Lily’s Nourishing products which are ideal for those seeking anti-aging solutions, but really anyone could use them. My mother has sensitive, aging skin that normally breaks out even after using some natural products. After sharing Lily’s attributes with her, she felt they would be perfect for her fragile skin.

Nourishing Facial Cleaner

Lily Nourishing cleanser

Lily’s Nourishing Facial Cleanser is by far the best cleanser my mother has used. As its name implies, it’s saturated with nourishing and mild ingredients that cleanse your skin effectively, yet keep it moisturized. My mother has never used a facial cleanser with essential oils before. We both assumed it would make your skin greasy or oily, but not so. I never realized how dingy my mom’s skin looked until she started using this cleanser. Her skin is so bright and has a slight pink glow to it now. I think it removed built-up resin from her old products.

I loved reading about this formula; it contains a powerhouse of ingredients. Rosemary is nutrient and antioxidant-rich, lavender is aromatic and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and sage is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and loaded with lots of antioxidants. My mom’s skin is smoother and feels supple; there’s no itchiness or tightness that she got from her other products. She loves this cleanser.

Nourishing Moisture Cream

Lily moisture cream

This awesome little moisturizer is packed with a lovely blend of herbs and oils that quench dry skin. The delicious and enriching ingredients will beautify, hydrate, soothe, and absorb deep into your tissue.

Even though my mom’s skin is fairly dry, she didn’t need to lather the cream on, a dab went a long way. The difference in skin texture and appearance was almost instant. Her skin is so much softer and as credulous as it may sound, she has fewer fine lines around her eyes and mouth. Her skin is a little firmer and even more surprising, her age spots are leisurely fading. We’re amazed at the results in just the short time (4 weeks) she’s been using this product.

Both products have a heavenly scent that’s soothing to the senses; it’s very calming and restful to breathe in. We are both true believers that products grown in nature are the best to heal, restore and rejuvenate our skin. My mom loves these products and has decided to continue with this brand. That says a lot. I also want to mention the price, we’ve both paid a lot more for non-organic skin care products that did not live up to their claims, they’re all huff and puff. Lily Farms organic products, on the other hand, have walked the walk and have proven to be all they say! My mom highly recommends them!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.