Lilybed Memory Foam Mattress, the Ultimate in Comfort!

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Lilybed is the memory foam mattress that puts her needs first.

Did you know that a poor sleep can affect your mood, weight, health, and your looks? Getting a good night’s sleep depends on a lot of factors, the main one being a great mattress. Enter Lilybed. What’s unique is that these mattresses are designed by women, and they’re passionate about couples, especially women getting a restful and deep slumber. They’ve created a memory foam mattress that cradles, comforts, and contours to your body, so you can enjoy a peaceful and beautiful sleep. You’ll wake up feeling restored and revving to take on the day.

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Their proprietary 4-4-2 layered design is made to give you a more responsive and comfortable night of sleep.

When we go to bed, we want to drift off into a tranquil sleep and not toss and turn because of a lumpy mattress, and this is where Lilybed excels. Right now they have a phenomenal promotion, but first I’d love to share some of their stellar attributes. Everyone who longs for a calm and relaxing sleep will appreciate these comforting features.

Soft, Cozy and Ridiculously Comfortable! When you want a hug, the 2-inch premium memory foam layer provides a gentle embrace while preventing you from sinking too deeply into the mattress. We use 2 full inches of comfort foam because we are committed to giving you more of what you need for better sleep.

Responsive, Flexible and Perfectly Balanced! The real secret to creating the most comfortable mattress you will ever try. Lilybed uses a proprietary 4-inch responsive foam core which creates that floating sensation for ridiculous comfort and support. A mattress with the perfect balance of comfort and support is essential for getting the best night’s sleep.

Supportive, Complementary and Highly Durable! Support is important, but 70% of your mattress should not be support foam! Lilybed uses the perfect amount of support foam to complement your body and provide it with support, without overpowering it with firmness. Their design’s support layer is nearly half the amount of support foam found in most memory foam mattresses on the market. While inches of support foam sound fantastic, having more support foam than comfort foam makes for a firmer bed, counteracting the purpose of your mattress.

Mattress Cover is Cool, Clean and Breathable! Made using only premium beautiful fabrics manufactured in North Carolina, USA. They use a polyester textile for its incredible flexibility (4­way stretch) to move and adapt to your body. We deserve to wake up feeling fresh and ready to face the day, and Lilybed can make this happen.