Lipault Luggage Review

Many of us have family flying in from all over the world to spend Christmas with us. Or it might be us getting ready to travel via car or plane to share the holidays with friends and family. Having reliable quality luggage while traveling gives us peace of mind.

I was just reading a post about a gal returning home from an event only to have her luggage zipper bust at the airport. Thanks to the helpful airline staff, they were able to tape her luggage so her contents would hopefully not fall out. She also made another point that when she returned home she was able to distinguish her luggage from the others because of the airline tape all over it.

This has happened to me too. We were in Germany and my suitcase’s zipper split open. I did have my luggage packed with souvenirs until the zipper was screaming, so it cracked under the pressure. What was frustrating was that it was only the third time the suitcase was used. It was also the generic dark green that everyone chooses so very often we grabbed the wrong case because they all look alike. How I wish we had known about Lipault luggage back then.

Lipault has been a name highly recognized in the luggage industry in France since 2005. After establishing quality airline luggage, designer Fran├žois Lipovetsky has gone on to create his Plume Collection. Plume is the French word for feather, so a line of lightweight luggage was born.

I was sent their Carry on luggage from the Plume Collection. The first thing you will notice is how lightweight it really is. Empty it weighs only 6 lbs and I can lift it with two fingers. We all know that anything over 25 lbs means we have to pay extra at the airlines so the last thing we want is to pay for heavy luggage.

Lipault Luggage in orangeThe exterior of the luggage is made out of a hardy flexible nylon material that is very user-friendly. It stands up to travel abuse and it’s super easy to clean. The luggage has one exterior compartment and one main compartment that are both quite large. Each piece of luggage is lined with a luxuriant thick quilted fabric. This padding goes all the way around the whole suitcase, except for the back, providing it with extra cushion. It feels so soft and plush to touch and would definitely protect your contents from any bangs and bumps that will happen at the airport.

A fabulous surprise was the structure of the handles. Both handles are soft and padded giving you the ultimate comfort grip. Even with the suitcase full, the extra weight did not affect my fingers. Other suitcases that have hard handles have made my fingers cramp and go numb, so the soft grip handles are a wonderful attribute.

The interior of the suitcase is lined with black nylon fabric and has two compartments. One large compartment is on the lid of the case and the other is long and narrow situated along the spine. Both are adequate spaces to pack items you don’t want rolling around loosely. There are two tie-down straps to secure your content nicely. All the zippers are sturdy and slide smoothly and evenly without any snags or catches. The zippers and zipper pulls are also in the same color as the case for perfect harmony.

Lipault Luggage, the perfect travel companionAccompanied by the case is a complimentary lock and luggage tag that matches the color of the case as well. The luggage tag is a lot nicer than most. It has a strap that buckles on the handle and a flap with a snap closure that covers your name, so your privacy is protected. The suitcase they gave me is bright orange and I love it. There will be no doubt now which suitcase is mine.

Another awesome feature is the extended pull handle. It’s long! This is the first time I personally did not have to bend to pull my luggage. Fully extended it pulls out to approximately 22 inches so it was fabulous to walk straight pulling this piece. Even though its handle is plastic I found it comfortable to hold and pull. It can be adjusted to a shorter length if needed and folds/slides neatly back into its zipper pouch on top of the suitcase.

The wheels (4) are durable and multi-directional, rotating 360 degrees giving you freedom of movement. We tried the wheels on several different surfaces and they glided effortlessly on all of them.

My daughter took this luggage with her on a quick trip to Miami. She did not take it as a carry-on piece but sent it with everyone else’s luggage to see how it would fare. Aside from getting dirty which is to be expected, it came out fine. The zippers, wheels, and handles were all intact with no damage. My daughter was able to clean the luggage very easily and it looks like new. This luggage was built to endure rough tough treatment and it passed with “flying” colors.

We love the Lipault Plume line for its features, durability, and it’s chic savvy looks. The luggage comes in six delicious colors and three sizes. Lipault quality luggage is available in the US and Canada and would make a perfect gift.

Disclaimer: I received a product for review. The opinions expressed here are my own yours may differ.