Lithuanian Haunts, More Than Just Goosebumps

This year Halloween will be a little tricky to enjoy due to COVID-19 health concerns. But, there are lots of eerie, but safe things we can do to create a creepy ambiance. We can spend the darkest hours of the day reading some good old ghost stories from around the world. Romania and Lithuania come to mind. Although Lithuanians do not celebrate Halloween, some of their locally-told tales are already so ghostpitable, they would paralyze you in fear. People there seem to enjoy hanging out or being in the presence of paranormal entities like devils, witches, and spirits all year round.

Lithuania discloses some of its eeriest stories of castles and manors that are hundreds and hundreds of years old. It’s in these places that a Halloween-like atmosphere never dies. 

Kretingo Museum Lithuania
Kretingos dvaras-muziejus Photo courtesy of Lithuania Travel

The spookiest Lithuanian stories take you deep into some of the country’s centuries-old castles and manors. There, you can hear some convincing tales that will give you goosebumps. Tales about ghosts of the past wandering around and searching… perhaps for their soul. A duchess bricked away in the tower walls until the end of her life, or a secret room of mirrors that trapped the summoned spirits, unable to return to their world. Some want to be freed so they can transcend to their next life, others linger because they love the location… while others might have unfinished business.

If these old buildings could talk, they would share the lives and experiences of centuries of inhabitants. These castles and manors were once the homes of significant families. Plus they were also places where educators, socialites, and the aristocracy would rendezvous. When we recognize this, these seemingly empty and insignificant buildings take on a new complexion. The past dwellers of these ancient abodes left behind more than footprints. They left behind their energy, their imprint, along with joyous and tragic residual memories. Now, they wait for this generation to discover the past and perhaps reveal some new historical details.

But not all spirits welcome your visit. If you are looking to experience the paranormal, then Lithuania beckons you. Be careful what you ask for! The spookiest stories associated with the centuries-old manors and castles in Lithuania will inevitably give you goosebumps. Should you wish to step into these abandoned historic buildings and perhaps experience a ghostly presence, tours are offered for bold visitors. Below are locations and places where ghosts and spirits drift and haunt to this day.

Tales of Ghostly Love

Paezeriai Manor in Lithunania
Paezeriai Manor Photo courtesy of Lithuania Travel

Paežeriai Manor is a graceful building commonly known as the Pearl of the Sudovia region. It’s steeped in stories about an innocent white maiden who was the victim of a love that ended so tragically. The legend goes back to the 1800s where the secret affection between a wealthy landlord Zigmantas Gauronskis and a beautiful young maid grew and thrived —until that is, she became pregnant with his child. To divert his indiscretion and wrath from his wife, the landlord had the young woman moved to live in another manor. But with a broken heart and crushed spirit, the young maid could not bear being separated from her true love. She came back and left her newborn baby at the landlord’s front door and then went to the nearby lake and took her life. Her ghostly presence has been seen around the manor in the evenings and in the mornings in the park.

Built between 1492 – 1517 and located near the city of Ukmergė, Siesikai Castle also has stories of forbidden love attached to its history. According to the old tales, one of the Daumantai dukes wives fell passionately in love with a foreign knight. She would escape from the castle in the evenings by stealth for a secret clandestine date by Lake Siesikai. But once her infidelity was discovered by the duke, he viciously sentenced his wife to be bricked away and trapped in the tower walls until the end of her life. The duchess’ spirit has been observed in the evenings walking by the lake, waiting for her beloved knight.

Eerie Paranormal Reputation

Villa Anapilis - Lithunania
Villa Anapilis Photo courtesy of Lithuania Travel

A few years ago, the Villa Anapilis (Afterlife) with its ornate towers was fully restored to its former glory. While some parts are new, spirits linger and its ghostly past cannot be escaped. According to a Palanga legend, the villa got its unearthly name after one of countess Sofija Tiskeviciene hobbies. She enjoyed summoning ghosts and spirits from another realm into her home. But as the legend goes, a secret room of mirrors was built to trap these spirits forever. After her death, Sofia’s ghostly spirit has been seen roaming through the villa. One might also hear the eerie sound of the wind organs she used when she felt unwell.

Radviloniai Manor in Lithuania
Radviloniai Manor – Photo courtesy of Lithuania Travel

Common to Radviloniai Manor are numerous inexplicable events. This once glorious home belonged to the noble family of Radvilos of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The current owner of the manor, Irena Raince, will share her many encounters with Radvilos’ ghosts. Below she relates one such encounter.

“I wonder if these premises were ever consecrated, as many spirits are living here up to this day,” Mrs. Rainčė said. “Although we get along quite well, I do notice that when I lay down at night, they would sometimes come asking for something. For example, to grow a plant in the garden upside down. It took me a while to understand that the spirit meant that the plant would need to lean toward the ground rather than grow upward. And once their wishes are fulfilled, they no longer come back. I can only say I never get to feel alone.”

Some Souls Just Refuse to Leave

Kretinga Manor – Photo courtesy of Lithuania Travel

According to local residents, the ghost of Ignotas Masalskis still resides at Kretinga Manor. He was a man of many titles and talents – Clerk of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the senator, the Chairman of the Educational Commission and the Bishop of Vilnius. Back in 1769, he inherited 43 hectares of land and a manor and spent his life beautifying the land with trees and orchards. He also helped develop the community by building needed schools, houses and roads. After so many accomplishments, his proud soul cannot bear to leave.

Rokiskis Manor in Lithuania
Rokiskis Manor – Photot courtesty of Luthuania Travel

Rokiskis Manor House, now a museum, is no different. Apparently, the manor is home to the playful ghost of 16-year-old Jasius Psesdzieckis, who was the son of a well-known Rokiskis Count. Quite often the young count will visit the museum in the evenings and tilt the paintings to the left or right.

These are just a few of the recorded stories that have given the centuries-old Lithuanian castles and manors the creep factor. Whether they are true or not, one will never know until they explore these ancient abodes themselves.