Little Tot Storybooks

After a long busy day, kids love to wind down with a story or two. Storybooks are great learning tools and they can have a profound influence on children. Kids have their favorites and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read them the story, they somehow still manage to grasp something new and interesting about the characters or plot. Kids are savvy and they seem to notice the little things most of us miss and they get the storyline or message inferred in each story.

Adding new children’s storybooks to your family library exposes them to different scenarios, subjects, and stimuli. I recently added three new books to our collection and the kids love them.


A Picture Book

Flo is a picture book that focuses on the life of a darling little panda named Flo. Flo is inquisitive and loves to make each day eventful. She savors every minute of the day and is no hurry at all. But, she got her days mixed up and forgot she was supposed to be somewhere on Saturday. Yikes, everyone is waiting for her at the unicycle club, but Flo gets distracted easily and has plans of her own. Impatient, the club members go boating without her, but then something happens. What will Flo do? The pictures are big, bold, self-explanatory, and filled with lots of endearing pandas. Flo is an adorable book and a hit with the kids.

The Big Bed

Some kids just don’t like to sleep by themselves. They like to snuggle with mom and dad and this happens to be the case with one little girl. Thing is, it’s a bit crowded for 3 people in the bed so the little girl drops dad some hints. The message is, mommy belongs to her and her alone. She suggests he move back in with Grandma or perhaps sleep on a cot outside or near them in the bedroom. This story is a realistic scenario of a parent’s struggle with kids not willing to sleep in their own bed. The book is filled with colorful illustrations that walk you through the girl’s dilemma with the bed situation. It’s kinda cute, but the kids in my family thought the little girl was a little mean and selfish.

The Boy and the Blue Moon

The Boy and the Blue Moon is a storybook about a boy and his cat. They got out for a walk at night where it’s cold, blue, and magical. On the night of a blue moon, anything can happen. Their walk takes them through a field of bluebells and down a path through a blue forest until they reach a very deep blue lake. They find a boat and spot a blue light in the middle of the lake. They row to it and find that it’s the reflection of the blue moon. Then something magical happens and the little and his cat are flying through space and they land on the moon. What an experience and they can even see Earth. Missing home, they decide to travel back to the comforts of his cozy bedroom. A great little story filled with lots of adventures kids only dream about.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.