Little Tykes Summer Reading

Reading is one of the greatest and most beneficial hobbies or pastimes a child could have. Reading ignites the imagination, triggers our curiosity, and embraces language and communication skills. It also expands a kid’s understanding of the world and improves social interaction. Reading is also a great diversion; it’s relaxing and reflective on the subject, can be oodles of fun! Here are a few cute new titles that little tykes will enjoy this summer.

I Love Strawberries

I Love Strawberries Storybook

I Love Strawberries is about a little girl named Jolie who was enthusiastic about growing strawberries. She asked her parents if she could grow some plants in their yard, but her parents said she was too young. Instead of being defeated, Jolie went out of her way to prove to her parents that she was responsible enough to take on this job with various missions. Each mission took her closer to assuring her parents that she could handle the responsibility of taking care of some strawberry plants.

She started by growing some grass in a container. She also started taking much better care of her pet rabbit Munchy and made some money selling lemonade to put toward some strawberry plants. But, after finding out the price of a strawberry plant, she felt a little sad and gloomy. However, after seeing her determination, Jolie’s parents surprised her with a visit to the garden center where they bought a dozen strawberry plants. She planted them and reaped a bountiful harvest.

I love this storybook. It encourages kids to set just high enough goals and do what it takes to make it happen. It also teaches kids about taking action, responsibility, and discipline. And how good it feels to accomplish a mission.

Farm Boots

Farm Boots Storybook

Farm Boots is a delightful storybook about the many uses of various boots farm folk wear throughout the year. Written in a rhyming format, the words have bounce and tons of fun energy that kids love.

Farm life needs boots in every season. Each pair we wear is for a reason.

The book shares gorgeous illustrations of kids and adults wearing different kinds of boots depending on the play or activity they are doing. There are rubber boots for puddles and rainy days, riding boots for horse riding, short boots for gathering eggs, snow boots for snowy days, and a whole bunch of other kinds of boots in between. Some are black, some are brown, and others have stripes, dots, or plaids.

It’s a cute book for toddlers to comprehend the different kinds of footwear they wear on their feet. They will be of different heights and have unique textures on the sole. They will keep your feet protected, dry, and cozy warm in the winter.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.