Littles by Baby Alive, Push ‘n Kick Stroller

Ever watch toddlers play with their dolls? They love to nurture. They cuddle, cradle, coo and caress their dollies and treat them like a real baby. They feed them, change them, read to them, talk to them, and even take them shopping. They simply love their dolls and it’s adorable to watch them be a gentle and kind caregiver. While there are copious dolls on the market, none are as interactive as the Littles by Baby Alive.

The Littles by Baby Alive, Push ‘n Kick Stroller, offers a realistic playtime adventure where toddlers can take their babies for a walk. The toy comes with a double seat stroller, Little Lucy doll, a onesie, blanket, sunglasses, comb and sippy cup.

Little girls and boys will be excited as they unfold the stroller and get Little Lucy all ready for a walk around their home, the neighborhood, or the park. The cool part is, the stroller has two seats, so your toddlers can take another Baby Alive doll (sold separately) for a ride a well. Or maybe their favorite teddy wants to come along. Taking a friend along is always more fun.

Just like a real stroller, kids will buckle in their Little Lucy doll so she is safe and doesn’t fall out. When toddlers push the stroller, Little Lucy’s legs will kick up and down like an excited child. It’s fun to go somewhere and this motion gets children excited too.

This Baby Alive set comes with everything kids need to make playdate adventures even more fun. The cute little onesie is the perfect outfit for an outing. If your children have other Baby Alive dolls, they can mix-and-match their outfits. Toddlers love combing hair and Lucy comes with her own comb so her hair stays neat and pretty. Make sure you put Lucy’s trendy sunglasses on and bring her sippy cup in case she gets thirsty. Don’t forget the blanket to keep your doll warm or place on the ground when you have a picnic. Kids will have lots of fun with this interactive toy.

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