Live Raw Around the World Recipe Book

Recipe books or cookbooks offer us a portal into another person’s food passion and culinary perceptions. I love perusing through different recipes especially if they are raw and/or international. These recipes introduce us to a variety of foods and food combinations we may never have thought of on our own.

Being a raw vegan I find myself unable to resist the newest raw recipe books to hit the bookstore shelves. Hot off the press is Live Raw Around the World, International Raw Food Recipes For Good Health and Timeless Beauty by Mimi Kirk. If you’re not familiar with the author, here’s a little bulletin. Mimi became a raw vegan at the seasoned age of 69 and just one month before her 70th birthday, she won the title” Sexiest Vegetarian over 50″ in a nationwide contest. Wow, diet can bring out our eternal youth and Mimi has proven this.

This is Mimi’s second book and it’s loaded with 17 chapters of exciting and health purposed wisdom and recipes that she gleaned from her travels all over the world. From this book, you will ascertain and accumulate the real essence of what it means to be a raw vegan, a planet, and plant conscious eater. Some of the recipes will call for special equipment like a spiralizer, food processor, juicer and a dehydrator. This book is also brimming with big gorgeous color photos that tempt the palate.

We may not have had the opportunity to travel and taste the diverse and succulent foods different countries offer, so this recipe book will bring them home to our kitchens. Mimi shares delicious recipes from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, India, and Thailand. Although I have been to Italy, France and Germany I never really got the farmer’s market experience.

I’m a huge tomato soup fan so I eagerly made the Spanish Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup with assorted veggies). This sapid soup was so easy to make and divine to eat. Made from fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, shallots, an apple, mint, and dates. It’s incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day. The Chocolate Caliente is a delicious rich chocolatey drink that is just too yummy to share.

Germany, a land of Koo Koo Clocks, yodeling, beer, and chocolate. When we think of German cuisine, decadent desserts usually come to mind. Being of German heritage I enjoyed making several of Mimi’s recipes. The German Pancakes were very easy to create and they only need 2 1/2 hours in the dehydrator. I absolutely loved the Sweet Potato Noodles with Cheesy Cheese Sauce. Everyone in my family wanted more, it tasted so good and the sauce can be used on other foods as well. Apple Strudel is one of the all-time favorite desserts in Germany and this raw recipe is sublime. I also made the Minestrone Soup from the Italy recipe choices.

You’ll find as you create these mouth-watering recipes you can really taste the flavors of the raw foods, and you will start preferring them to cooked foods. You don’t have to be raw to enjoy these wholesome recipes, just include them into your diet. I love this recipe book and would highly recommend it to beginners and seasoned raw eaters.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.